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Upload your video

Thank you for clicking through to the site for uploading videos.

You must save your video on your desktop, locate it using the "Browse" button below, and then click "Send Video".

You can also e-mail your video directly to lucy.scott@mailonline.co.uk

Don't forget to use the same e-mail address and name that you entered in the survey, so that we can find and reward you for the amount you work for.

After you upload the video, go back to the survey and complete the remaining part – which you only have to do for a few minutes. We really appreciate your time so far.

Tips for your video

Your video can be very simple and can be recorded from a mobile device, webcam or a video camera. YOU


must then save your video on a computer so that you can upload it here and send it to us. It only has to be a short video. As a guide somewhere around 30 seconds to 1 minute – don't worry if it's longer.

Add the following to your video:

  • your name
  • Your age
  • Where you live – only the city and state
  • Your job / career
  • How often you visit MailOnline
  • Why you go to MailOnline
  • The things you like most about MailOnline
  • Where and when you visit MailOnline

Thanks – we look forward to your video.

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