Uplift your Career with PMBoK 7 based PMP Certification Course

Digitalization has revolutionized the way businesses operate, companies are constantly looking for opportunities to diversify their offerings and expand their customer base. In order to handle these new initiatives, corporates are looking for individuals who are capable of not only managing different resources, but also able to deliver desired results within specified timeframe. Hence, there is high demand for Project Managers who can take various professional challenges in a stride and benefit the company with their expertise. 

While you might have heard of numerous project management courses and certifications, also there PMP certification in New York awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is recognized as highly reputed and reliable, attesting the project manager’s skills. 

Notably, PMP certification course is designed to equip the professionals with agile, predictive, and blended approaches, enabling them to maintain harmony between different departments and attaining optimal efficiency throughout the process. 

However, aforementioned factors are in favor of the companies, but how will PMP accreditation be beneficial for you as an individual? 

Top 6 reasons to get yourself enrolled in PMP certification course

  • Boost your earning potential

As per the reliable estimates, the average salary of a PMP certified professional in the United States is USD 110K per annum. With the skillset you bring onboard as a project manager, the companies are willing to pay more. Notably, PMP accredited practitioners are paid 20% more than non-certified professionals, as the former is better equipped to get desired outcomes and take ownership. 

  • Build a robust resume

By enrolling yourself in PMP certification in New York, you pledge yourself a job in project management vertical. Enterprises are on a constant lookout for employees who can perform under strenuous conditions while effectively handling clients & stakeholders, and their preference lands on PMP certified peers. When you put PMP certification on your resume, your career take a leap.

  • Ace critical management skills

During PMP certification course, you get acquainted with a gamut of scenarios while simultaneously acquiring tricks and strategies. This training enables you to identify & evaluate different situations during the project cycle, thereby perfecting every stage. Your critical management skills help the company to manage challenges and defend the purpose. 

  • Be an asset for companies

As you master the project management skills during your course, you become seasoned in managing people and directing communication. Sharing your knowledge and expertise with the team makes you an asset for the organization. The objectives of a PMP accredited manager aligns with the goals of the company, enabling them to capitalize of opportunities. 

  • Secure your career from recession

It is reckoned that PMP professionals are so highly valued that even through a recession, their merit will not be undermined. When you take up PMP certification course, you cash on your desire to advance your technical skills, people & resource handling techniques, qualifications, and situational expertise. With such robust core competencies, the organizations are more willing to retain certified professionals as compare to non-certified counterparts. 

  • Lifetime access to skill enhancement

Learning is a continuous process, and same can be applied to project management. On job, you keep coming across new challenges and scenarios. Having some guidance or a support system to rely upon in such cases is a boon. Fortunately, PMP certified practitioners become a PMI member as well, gaining access to best practices and staying updated with emerging trends. 

To a add brownie point, project management course can be taken up either as online PMP training or through classroom programs. If you wish to enroll yourself for PMP certification in Washington DC or in New York, you can visit Vinsys and have look at the course structure, available batches, and training options. 

While we are at it, let me also acquaint you with PMBoK and the latest updates in the field. PMBoK or Project Management Body of Knowledge can be considered as the Bible for project managers. This guide is compiled to provide thorough knowledge and test the aptitude for ever-changing roles & responsibilities of the future project manager. 

Importance of changes in PMBoK7

In order to complete PMP certification course, it is imperative that one stays updated with the latest guide version PMBoK7 which released in August 2021. The changes in the 7th edition of PMBoK are aimed at familiarizing the upcoming project manager with harsher work environment. With changing dynamics of project management and trending frameworks, PMBoK7 is made much more relevant for present times. 

Significant alterations in PMBoK7 

  • 7th edition of PMBoK emphasizes more on principles, unlike the previous editions where the focus was processes. 
  • In place of knowledge areas, there are performance domains in PMBoK7.
  • PMBoK 7th edition is anchored to project outcomes & deliverables, instead of project management. 
  • There is a major shift from waterfall project management technique to holistic & agile project delivery methods. 
  • PMBoK7 entails ‘value delivery system’ approach for projects. 
  • New digital platform ‘Standards Plus’ is launched with PMBoK7 which entails models, methods, current & upcoming trends, and artifacts for instant access.
  • The previous versions of PMBoK were relevant for most projects, however the 7th edition can be applied to all the projects.  

As a student of PMP certification in Washington DC, you should also be aware about the recent changes in PMP exam format. For the most part, the new exam format coincides with PMBoK7, hence it includes scenario-based questions with animations to test the flexibility & soft skills of the candidate. Instead of 200 questions which focused on five domains of project management, new exam format has 180 questions based on people, process, and business environment. 

In order to best prepare yourself for PMP exam, you can commence online PMP training with expert course advisor. Vinsys PMP certification course is developed to instill the principles of project management in aspirants, while preparing them to skillfully tackle the various bottlenecks during the project lifecycle. 

Push open the doors of career opportunities with high salary by enrolling to PMP certification in New York or PMP certification in Washington DC. And if you wish to enhance your caliber while continuing graduation or job, you can opt for online PMP training with 24*7 learner assistance & support. Think no more, give wings of PMP certification to your career!

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