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Update 3.7 is coming to Genshin Impact this month


Although more than a year has passed since the launch of Genshin Impact on smartphones, PC, PS5 and PS4, the miHoYo development team has not stopped providing periodic updates to the game over the past months, and the game is on its way to get a new update this month.

Where the studio announced that update 3.7 is officially coming to Genshin Impact on May 24, and the update will introduce a new character, Kirara, who will become a playable character, a four-star character who uses the Dendro sword, and uses her claws and Youkai powers to overcome her enemies, and she is considered the master of transformation .

3.7 will also introduce a major update to the Genius Invokation TCG mode with over 60 new cards, a new PvP mode and PvA mode, and the ever-expanding TCG collection will get character cards for all 4 Archons as well as an even larger selection of characters, monsters, weapons and artifacts.

In the new player vs player Arena of Champions mode, during which the winners will need to have 5 wins, while 3 losses will cause you to start over. Another new addition in the upcoming update is the player versus environment mode The Forge Realm’s Temper where players can select the difficulty level and additional conditions to score additional points.

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