Union workers are mobilizing to turn the tide in Nevada’s elections

Nevada's UNITE HERE union canvassers mobilize for 2022 elections

In Nevada, things are getting more and more tense in the run-up to the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8. A Republican victory in the state could topple the Senate and undermine Democrats’ federal agenda for years to come. That is why union workers are mobilizing to turn the tide in their state. Culinary Workers Union Local 226 has taken charge. 400 local sleuths knocked on 800,000 doors across the state, reaching more than half of Nevada’s Black and Latinx employees, along with more than a third of AAPI voters. Local 226 is a branch of UNITE HERE, which represents 300,000 hospitality workers in the US and Canada. The Real News Network Correspondent Jaisal Noor covers UNITE HERE’s efforts from the ground up in Nevada.

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