Understanding the Betting Odds in Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy sports have seen commendable growth in the past few years and its popularity is only on the rise. One segment of it that leads the circuit is fantasy cricket. A lot of people are already playing fantasy cricket by forming their dream 11 team and an equally large number is looking forward to dream 11 betting.

Some sites offer in-play betting options where you bet while the match is on and it allows parlay bets. A parlay is where you can combine multiple bets on one ticket and use your winnings from one bet to fund the other, thereby keeping your investment locked and still playing and increasing your profits.

Then there is another way to win and have fun, which is by forming your dream team and then playing and winning in accordance with the happenings in the actual game on the field. There are multiple options available online to bet. You can play or bet on a single match or play fantasy cricket leagues that have huge prizes on offer. 

If you are new to the circuit, you might need some time to understand how the world of fantasy cricket works and how you can make money in it. However, the following pointers will help in facilitating the learning process.

Choose the Right League to Play In

Look for leagues where there is less competition. If you enter a popular league with too many players, most of the players will be having a similar dream team combination. This will diminish your winning chances. Hence, playing in leagues with fewer players has better winning odds. If you are a beginner, you should start playing in leagues with low stakes so that you can learn all the tricks of the game without putting much on stake and have fun. Once you get a hang of things and all your strategies are sorted and in place, go big.

Make Use of Offers

There are multiple websites for playing these fantasy games and often lure players by offering bonuses, free bets etc. You can avail these to better your winnings or keep investment in check. These sites also offer varied betting odds and you can choose the one that offers the best odds. As it’s your hard-earned money that is on stake, look only for trusted websites that are floating excellent offers and services.

Score Better

You can choose your dream team by analysing all the relevant data on the players, pitch, weather conditions etc. But, if you are playing a fantasy cricket league, then you will win only if you end up getting a good overall rank. You should follow a concrete strategy right from the start to accumulate the required points to get a good rank. 

Generally, a league consists of 56 matches and any score of more than 17,000 will get you in the top 1000. A good working strategy to accumulate these points will be to score 200 points per game on an average in the first 10 matches and then increase it by another 50 points for the next 10 matches and so on. As the league progresses, you get a better hang of things and thus increasing this point score is quite feasible. If you continue following this strategy, getting an overall score of around 18,000 can be a reality and this will give you a good rank and winning amount.

Learn from Others

To understand the ins and outs of betting odds in fantasy cricket, it always makes sense to go through the articles posted on various sites. Often, experienced players post the tips and tricks of the trade, which can help you play better. 

Check Review Websites

Third-party review sites also give the first-hand betting experience of players, which helps in understanding which websites are good for placing bets in terms of winning odds and also for withdrawing the winning amounts.

There are different strategies to adopt for league tournaments and when you are betting on a single match. You have to keep this in mind while formulating your strategy. In the fantasy sports world, knowing tips and tricks and playing with a proper plan helps a lot in increasing your chances of winning.