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Under Starmer, Ulez-style areas could appear across Britain


Howard Cox, the founder of campaign group FairFuelUK and Reform UK’s candidate for mayor of London, said: “It is now clear that voting for Labor means more anti-driver policies across the UK.

“Their misguided belief that the car should be demonized, but at the same time is the perfect conduit to generate more and more tax revenue, is nothing short of stomach cramps and ambiguity.

“Starmer, alongside Sadiq Khan, is out of touch with voters, low-income motorists and small businesses who are hardest hit by their draconian Ulez, low-traffic neighborhoods and 20 mph zones.”

Mr Cox questioned the health data used to justify the implementation of the policy, which he said was “massively immoral”.

A Labor source stressed that the contents of the document were not agreed policies, but merely ideas that would be considered at national executive committee meetings later this year.

He also added that reducing nitrogen dioxide is also part of government policy.

Delivery of HS2 and Northern Powerhouse

In January, Sir Keir told LBC Radio he supported Khan’s Ulez expansion, calling it a “tough decision to make”.

Last week, he doubled down on this, telling LBC the expansion was necessary to curb lung cancer.

Clean air zones vary across the country, with some applying to all vehicles while others applying to only a few commercial vehicles.

For example, Sheffield charges £50 a day for heavy trucks to travel in the city centre, and taxis and smaller commercial vehicles are charged £10. In Birmingham, all cars are charged £8 a day.

Among other major transport policies under consideration was a pledge to supply both HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail in full, while also including a plan to bring any rail service into public ownership when private rail company contracts expire.

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