Undeniable Proof that You Need an Image Resizer

Images can make or break the first impression of your website. Let’s find out whether you need the aid of an image and photo resizer.

Do you know how to resize an image quickly, inexpensively, WITHOUT losing quality?

If you’re just picking up photo editing, resizing an image can be a discouraging experience. Hopefully, this article will teach you to use an image resizer properly and address some other common questions you may have.

Most Common Reasons to Use an Image Resizer

Understanding how to control digital images properly is very important. This will make your site stand apart from your competitors. Here are the 3 common reasons that more people are using a photo & image resizer for all of their online posts today:

1) Resizing Images Without Losing Their Initial Quality

This is an excellent way to make a good impression on visitors. Especially, it’s most important to those who adore pictures above all else.

2) Inadequate Resizing an Image

This reason is typically obvious to the person working with the image as well as any viewers. Sloppy resizing can repel your possible audience, lessening your impact, and even triggering you to lose visitors.

3) Page Loading Speed 

This is another crucial reason why you need to correctly resize images. Obviously, pictures taken straight from the camera are going to be in high-resolution. 

This high resolution means that there are lots of pixels, which take time to load every time a user accesses your site. Decreasing the resolution of your images before publishing them to your website is crucial to guaranteeing a seamless browsing experience.

Key Factors

In this sense, page speed, in addition to photo quality, are both similarly crucial factors that you must keep into consideration when developing your site. 

Fortunately, compressing image sizes is not rocket science. 

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to resize images properly. 

All you need to do is get an online image resizer that you can find. 

Can You Resize an Image Without Losing Much Information?

Quite simply, yes! However, you should take into account the basics behind resizing image pixels before you start.


Bitmap is the most popular image type online. The name ‘Bitmap’ came from the fact that there are thousands of small square pixels with appointed colors and positions that make up the image.

Image Formats

Regarding image types, there are different typical image file formats online: 

  • JPEG’s format is used to enhance web pages, JPEG’s are conveniently offered their little file sizes and fast loading speeds. 
  • PNG is an action up from JPEG, providing better quality. However, it can reduce page speed due to increased file sizes. 
  • GIF became common thanks to its capability of showing animation while keeping a small file size. 

You can use any professional imagery programs like Photoshop to convert images into different formats and sizes. 

Essentially, you should understand that increasing the resolution of the image will not necessarily enhance its quality. Most beginners will overlook this fact, then keep wondering why the results are not up to par. 

Two approaches to control pixels there are Resizing and Resampling. 


Resizing is simple to understand. It simply increases the size of or decreases the size of the pixels to as desired. Another term for this is ‘scaling’.


Resampling is more complex. It requires the software to enhance image quality while adapting to your desired aspect ratio. In other words, the program has to figure out which pixel to drop, and which to generate to bring the best result.

That’s what makes resampling the better approach to resize images. 

Resize for Success

You must now have the self-confidence to begin resizing images on your own. While free software are terrific tool, they are not sufficient to preserve the quality of your images for enlargement.

It’s more crucial now than ever to level up your game and invest a little additional time discovering how to resize an image appropriately for all platforms. 

Resizing images without losing their initial quality is critical for all your image sharing endeavors. So, using an image resizer is a fantastic way to make a memorable first impression on visitors. To easily resize images without losing quality, simply use a free online image resizer from a website like Promo.com.

Final Thoughts on Using an Image Resizer

There is an abundance of software application tools readily available online for resizing images. But when it comes to finding one that resizes without losing quality, there’s only one for free that I personally trust. And that’s the Promo.com photo & image resizer.

I find that it offers me with the perfect resize for every image I wish to post. You’ll never ever have to sacrifice quality to make the image fit in a specific social network’s image specs ever once again.