Ukrainian drones strike air bases hundreds of kilometres inside Russia

Even before Russia’s defense ministry accused Ukraine of sending drones to attack, the explosion at Engels airfield had prompted some of Russia’s influential pro-invasion bloggers to call for more attacks on Ukraine and to to renew criticism of the Russian armed forces.

“Sometimes we feel that even if you put a bomb in these people’s pockets, they wouldn’t notice,” Voenniy Osvedomitel, a popular commentator, wrote on the messaging app Telegram.

After the explosions, Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, seemed to obliquely notice the attacks, as Ukrainian officials often have after unexplained explosions in Russia.

“Earth is round – discovery made by Galileo,” he wrote on Twitter. “If something is launched into the airspace of other countries, unknown flying objects will sooner or later return to the point of departure.”

Just a few hours after the explosions, Ukrainian officials said more than a dozen Russian bombers had taken off from Engels air base.

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