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Ukraine: How did Russia lose HALF of its 45,000 elite paratroopers in just seven months?

How did Russia lose half of its 45,000 elite paratroopers in just seven months? CHRIS PLEASANCE Explains How Putin’s Generals’ Blunders Caused Thousands Of Crack VDV Soldiers To Be Slaughtered… And What That Means For The War In Ukraine

The Russian paratroopers – the VDV – would be the best of the best.

The 45,000-strong elite and veteran force has a reputation for ingenuity, toughness and violence. In addition, the soldiers are among the best equipped and best trained fighters in Moscow.

This makes it all the more shocking that, seven months after Vladimir Putin ordered his armies to invade Ukraine in February 2022, half of them were dead.

Here, Chris Pleasance examines how 50 percent of Putin’s fighting force was wiped out as Ukraine fiercely defended his country, and what that means for the Kremlin’s remaining army.

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