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UK Weather: Britain is facing its hottest day of the year so far


The UK could see its hottest day of the year so far on Sunday, with temperatures potentially reaching a balmy 26C.

The UK’s highest temperature so far this year was 25.1°C in Porthmadog on Tuesday and forecasters believe there is a slight chance it can be surpassed.

The dry weather is expected to continue next week as well.

A UK high of 23.9C was recorded in Porthmadog on Saturday and temperatures are expected to be slightly higher on Sunday.

Met Office meteorologist Rachel Ayers said people can expect 24C or 25C in the warmer places and there could even be a maximum of 26C in sheltered areas to the west.

Ms Ayers said there was a slim chance of 26C being recorded, adding: “We would look at that somewhere in the west, probably similar areas, parts of Wales, maybe South West England.”

She said a breeze to the south, particularly along the English Channel coast, will affect temperatures in those areas.

On the east coast, temperatures will be around 15C or 16C on Sunday, while inland will be warmer with maximums of 18C to 20C.

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