UFC star Paddy Pimblett surprises woman by appearing on her Video Doorbell

‘I feel horrible…my dog ​​made a messy mess outside!’: UFC star Paddy Pimblett shocks woman by appearing on her video doorbell to apologize for her pet’s accident

  • Paddy Pimblett shocked a woman by showing up at her door asking for water
  • He was walking the dog and asked the homeowner to help with a pet accident
  • He was recognized before the woman said she would clean up at home

UFC star Paddy Pimblett shocked a woman by going to her house to ask for water to wash down an accident caused by his dog.

The 27-year-old, who boasts a record of 19 wins and three losses in MMA, arrived at the house to ask for water to wash away the mess, and was immediately recognized by the homeowner, whom he spoke to through a video door . clock.

The woman laughed as she declined his request and kindly informed him that she would take care of it when she got home.

UFC star Paddy Pimblett spoke to a woman through her video doorbell after going to her house to ask for water

Pimblett Wanted Help Cleaning Up The Mess His Dog Had Left Outside The House On A Walk

Pimblett wanted help cleaning up the mess his dog had left outside the house on a walk

“Okay honey, my dog ​​just took a sloppy s*** outside, I was just wondering if you have some water, I don’t want to leave it outside your front path,” Pimblett said as the woman answered the door.

“Is that Paddy the bad guy?” the women immediately asked. ‘It is!’ came the answer.

“I’m five minutes from home, don’t worry, I’ll clean it up,” the woman replied.

‘Are you sure? I feel terrible, you know what I mean?’ Pimblett said

“No, it’s okay!” said the woman laughing.

“He just did a sloppy s*** and I can’t even pick it up with a poop bag, you know what I mean?” repeated Pimblett.

“No, don’t worry, I’ll clean it when I come in,” was the reply.

“Ta, thank you very much again. I’m sorry, I hate that kind of thing, that’s why I knocked.’ Pimblett said before finally walking away.

He shared the video Instagram, with the caption, “I told you in the vlog I hate it when people don’t clean up after their dogs. I’m a man of my word ppl told yas this!!’

Pimblett Has Three Wins From Three Fights Since Signing With The Ufc In 2021

Pimblett has three wins from three fights since signing with the UFC in 2021

His Most Recent Win Was Over Jordan Leavitt, Whom He Knocked Out In The Second Round

His most recent win was over Jordan Leavitt, whom he knocked out in the second round

Pimplett Shared The Video On His Instagram Account To Confirm His Message In The Video

Pimplett shared the video on his Instagram account to confirm his message in the video

Pimblett rose to fame after signing with the UFC in 2021. He has had three wins since his deal and received fans positive messages about mental health after his fights.

He has also made headlines for his friendship with fellow Liverpudlian and MMA fighter Molly McCann.

He has victories over Luigi Vendramini, Rodrigo Vargas and Jordan Leavitt, and is scheduled to face Jared Gordon at UFC 282 on December 10.

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