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UFC San Antonio preview: Is Pineda at the end of the line?


The prelims of UFC San Antonio provides a mix of newbies and those wanting to prevent the slicing block. Not a surprise, that’s normal of prelims. There’s likewise at least one contest that’s simple to recognize as a bout that belongs on the primary card ahead of some other battle. This time around, it’s difficult to refute any of the contests being continued of the primary card offerings. It assists that the UFC isn’t providing us the required low-level heavyweight slugfest that has actually ended up being a staple of Fight Night primary cards. When it comes to what the prelims use, there are some potential customers that appear like they might be huge gamers if they work out– Vinicius Salvador and Hailey Cowan enter your mind– however those seem like huge if’s to me. He never ever got the credit he should have as one of the much better action fighters in all of MMA, however Daniel Pineda must have been acknowledged that way. I state “need to have been” rather than simply “ought to” as he’s now 37 with a great deal of difficult charging miles on his featherweight frame. In his last efficiency, a no contest versus Andre Fili 21 months earlier, he appeared like a shot fighter whose heart was the only thing that had not faded. Almost 2 years later on, it’s difficult to think his physical abilities are much better than they were at that time. That stated, it appears the UFC is providing him a strong possibility to get a win. Not that Tucker Lutz is a piece of cake, however he does not appear to have any ending up abilities at the UFC level. He’s well-rounded and technical, however he does not have any standout physical abilities. What he does is continue to plug away with a constant, workmanlike method that will break a fighter psychologically prior to it breaks them physically. There will not be breaking Pineda psychologically, however he sure as hell can outwork him. In spite of having 27 profession wins under his belt, Pineda has actually never ever won by choice. Lutz’s sturdiness hasn’t been checked by finishers, which is why it’s sensible to question if he can consume something from Pineda. Regardless, Lutz has actually held up until now and Pineda appears like he has actually lost an action. I anticipate Lutz’s conservative technique will work versus an aged Pineda. Lutz through choice You ‘d be hard-pressed to discover a more used 32-year-old featherweight than Steven Peterson. He started his amateur MMA profession at the age of 17 and was lowering to 135 for a great piece of his comprehensive expert profession. I get that Peterson isn’t a substantial 145er– he’s high, however not large– however he was HUGE for 135. I have a tough time thinking he didn’t do some long-lasting damage to his body with those hard weight cuts. That stated, you will NOT discover a more hard-nosed fighter on the lineup. Peterson is as scrappy as they come and simply technical enough in all locations that he can threaten anywhere if his challenger gets lazy. Plus, he’s simply a great deal of enjoyable to enjoy. He’ll be combating a quite unidentified amount in Lucas Alexander. Alexander is a slick outside striker who understands how to utilize his length to his benefit. He’s likewise in the UFC faster than he must be, his only quality win coming versus a challenger who suffered an injury. Peterson is the kind of scrappy veteran who consumes children for lunch, requiring them into the kind of brawl or a grinding affair, both of which he prospers on. Keep in mind, he did the very same thing to Chase Hooper. I expect Peterson breaking down at some time quickly, however I do not believe it will be this battle. Peterson by means of submission of RD3 There constantly appears to be a minimum of one fighter on the lineup who confuses observers with their disparity. If you ask experts to call one fighter, Trevin Giles is going to be a name that turns up rather regularly. He’s a plus professional athlete, has a stiff jab, can battle, and it’s uncommon he’s the smaller sized male in the cage now that he’s relocated to welterweight. And yet, he’s a person nobody thinks they can rely on that he’ll ever put everything together. When he does, he can beat nearly anybody. Giles does have a wins over the likes of Roman Dolidze, Ryan Spann, and Brendan Allen. The problems are his doubtful resilience and battle IQ. The strange thing is, Giles can be battling an ideal defend two-and-a-half rounds, just to let a psychological miscue overcome him. That’s why there’s a strong belief a still unverified Preston Parsons can take out the win in spite of some clear imperfections. Parsons’ only UFC success saw him bully a brief notification light-weight, playing into Parsons’ strengths of fumbling and grappling. Giles is the larger, more powerful, and much better professional athlete, however Parsons’ submission savvy and remarkable fumbling strategy might overwhelm Giles and require him into a bad mistake. Choosing a Giles battle is an operation in futility, however I’m leaning towards him as I’m not offered on Parsons. He’s not a bad professional athlete himself, however I have not seen enough on the feet to choose him ahead of Giles. Giles through choice Someone in the UFC workplaces likes Daniel Lacerda. They ‘d need to for him to be revived for a 4th battle when he’s been completed in his very first 3 UFC battles. To be reasonable to Lacerda, he is a great deal of enjoyable and has actually threatened each of those challengers prior to his gas tank betrays him. Well, I expected a bonehead choice added to among those losses, however there’s no rejecting the Brazilian’s skill. Lacerda has strong power and outstanding scrambles … offered he’s fresh. That stated, he’s just left the preliminary two times in his profession and has actually never ever gotten in a 3rd round. It appears extremely not likely that will alter this time around as CJ Vergara might not combat with the exact same hostility Lacerda does, however nobody has actually ever implicated him of being passive. The Texas local is definitely more technical and might have more power. Vergara’s most significant weak point is that he’s in the running for the slowest flyweight on the lineup, exposing the possibility Lacerda can capture him in a submission, supplied he can initiate a scramble. Hell, possibly Lacerda captures him something heavy. Provided Vergara’s veteran savvy, I anticipate he’ll be all set for anything the Brazilian tosses at him. Vergara by means of TKO of RD1 When he was signed to the UFC from Lookin’ For a Fight, lots of experts saw Trey Ogden as a sleeper in the light-weight department. Not that anybody believed he had qualifications to become a title competitor, however he might ruin the celebration of an upstart possibility or 2 offered his high battle IQ. Perhaps even 3, depending upon the length of time he spent time. Ogden crapped the bed in his UFC launching, declining to engage Jordan Leavitt and permitting him to select Ogden apart. Ogden rebounded versus Daniel Zellhuber, however likewise played things exceptionally safe because contest. Losing his camp does not assist as he belonged to James Krause’s group. Regardless, he appears tailor made to overthrow Manuel Torres. Torres is incredibly aggressive, ferreting out his challengers with his fists flying along the method. He isn’t a technical device, leaving holes broad enough for a Mack truck to rake through. More crucial than Ogden showing he’s a smart submission expert, he’s likewise shown resilient. That still does not guarantee me he can make it through Torres’ barrage. It’s a challenging battle to analyze, however I’ll state Torres’ benefits in speed and athleticism permits him to capture Ogden and put him away. If he does not anticipate Ogden to either nab a submission or take the last 2 rounds for a choice. Torres by means of TKO of RD1 Vinicius Salvador is an intriguing flyweight possibility. He has the one characteristic that is exceptionally uncommon at 125: severe KO power. All however among his 14 profession success have actually come over a KO/TKO surface. The issue is, he’s got a lot of other problems. Salvador’s method requires a lot of work and his gas tank is extremely much in concern. There are no concerns about the gas tank of Victor Altamirano. The local of Mexico has actually shown he’s capable of efficiently going hard for 15 minutes, blending in striking, battling, and coming to grips with equivalent aplomb. If he can do that, he’s a simple favorite. The issue is, he’s shown he’s likewise going to take part in a firefight … something Salvador would probably triumphed. Altamirano has actually shown to be resilient, however he hasn’t dealt with anybody with the raw power of Salvador. If Altamirano can leave the preliminary, he’s most likely going to pull it out. Offered his doubtful defense, I’m thinking he does not … guess is the ideal word as Salvador hasn’t been dealing with the very best competitors. Salvador by means of TKO of RD1 It was simply a month ago Hailey Cowan was set up to combat Ailin Perez, even going through the weigh-ins prior to a health problem required her out. She gets a fast turn-around, meeting Tamires Vidal. In regards to physical abilities, Cowan is the exceptional professional athlete. She’s larger and more powerful, however she is far from improved. Not that Vidal is improved, however she battles with a level of self-confidence and aggressiveness missing out on from Cowan. That alone has lots of taking a look at Vidal as the most likely winner. There’s factors to state otherwise as Cowan’s finest skillset is battling and Vidal not just hasn’t shown her capability to stop takedowns, she’s likewise appears like she might– and must– be battling at flyweight. Integrate that with Vidal’s routine of gassing after the preliminary and Cowan must have the ability to have her method with Vidal after the preliminary. That preliminary might be hard offered Vidal lets her fists fly and there is power behind those punches. Offered Cowan is still enhancing, has actually revealed excellent sturdiness, and is very conditioned, I’ll choose her to emerge triumphant. Cowan through choice Reserve your user name for the brand-new Bloody Elbow prior to April 1, 2023. Go here for more information (link).

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