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Ubisoft reveals the future of The Division tomorrow: Three games to watch – WhatsNew2Day


A live stream, three games and an unknown amount of news about the series, that’s what the live stream for The Division series promises on April 20th.

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 20th, Ubisoft will open the next few pages in the book for its The Division game series. From 9 p.m. German time the French publisher wants to present news about the future of the third-person shooter series.

You can attend the live stream either on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel or on theirs Twitch presence.

What will there be to see?

We already know that Ubisoft wants to continue expanding their shooter series. So it will not only be about the current flagship The Division 2, but also about two new titles from the franchise that are in development. The brand is set to expand in the coming years with free-to-play spin-off Heartland and a mobile spin-off called The Division: Resurgence.

The following content is to be shown in the live stream:

  • For The Division 2, Ubisoft wants the upcoming Rogue-like mode descent show. In addition, he should Five Year Plan to maintain and expand the title.
  • The spin-off The Division: Heartland will show more of its gameplay in the form of a video preview. The setting is a city in the midwest of the United States called Silver Creek. The trailer released some time ago gives a first impression of the area in which you should fight for survival in Heartland:

The Division: Heartland reveals its new location in the first trailer

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The Division: Heartland reveals its new location in the first trailer

  • The third player is said to be the cousin for mobile devices tomorrow evening. There is said to be a project update for The Division: Resurgence, but it is unclear exactly what that means. A PvE campaign was recently promised for the title, which can be mastered alone or in co-op.

Ubisoft has had a turbulent few months. It should therefore be in the interests of the publisher to show off one of its strongest brands tomorrow and not to give even more cause for concern about the future of the group.

And what do you think? Are you curious what exactly Ubisoft will show? Which of the three titles interests you the most? Do you have any other hopes, wishes or fears regarding The Division? Or has the series long since lost you and you wallow – if at all – only in old memories, when the first part once was the next big thing was traded? Let us know what you think about the series in the comments!

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