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UAE to make remote services mandatory for all healthcare providers



Shaikha Hasan Al Mansory speaks at the Remote Forum in Dubai on Thursday.
Image Credit: Sajila Saseendran|Gulf News

Dubai: It will be necessary for all doctor in the UAE to offer a minimum of one kind of remote services for clients under a brand-new regulative structure anticipated to be released by the end of this year.

This was exposed by Shaikha Hasan Al Mansory, head of Strategy and Investment Section, Digital Health Department, Ministry of Health and Prevention on the 2nd day of the Remote online forum in Dubai on Thursday.

The ministry will release an extensive “Smart Digital Health” regulative structure by the end of the year and all doctor will need to mandatorily offer a minimum of among the 4 types of remote health services, she informed Gulf News on the sidelines of the online forum.

“It will be compulsory for them to offer a minimum of among these services from another location– consulting, recommending medications, keeping track of clients or robotic surgical treatments.”

This will apply to both public and economic sector health care company, she exposed.

She stated medical centers need to report to the ministry the about the virtual or tele medication services that they presently have.

“And if they do not have any, we will be holding our hands together with them so that by the end of this year, they would have at least among them”

The thorough health care regulative structure to control all remote health services will specify functions and obligations of medical centers and clients’ rights.

In the wake of fast advancements in technological improvements in healthcare sector, she stated, it is important that medical centers promote remote services.

“We are heading towards medical tourist now. How can we do it without having such standard services? We require these services to move towards digitisation in health care sector,” stated Al Mansory.

She mentioned that the guidelines and policies will likewise set borders for doctor.

“There need to be medical duty when it pertains to medical diagnosis and prescription of medications and tele medical services. We should have clear policies for all these.”

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