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Tyreek Hill humiliated by a young boy during drills at Dolphins star’s own youth football camp

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The kid showed off some crafty footwork while Hill played defensive back.

Tyreek Hill has been humiliated once again by a young man during drills at one of his youth soccer summer camps in Rochester, New York.

The Miami Dolphins star was playing one-on-one defense when the boy, who was on the receiving end, took him down with some sneaky footwork before running into the end zone.

Hill, 30, contested the touchdown after reaching the boy and knocking the ball out of his hands.

But it was too late, because the boy had already crossed the goal line.

‘Reek got cooked,’ one X user commented beneath the viral footage, adding: ‘But why is he lined up anyway?’ Is he actively teaching and demonstrating technique?’

The 30-year-old receiver couldn't follow his opponent

Tyreek Hill was brought to school by a boy at his youth summer camp over the weekend.

“That’s actually Tank Dell,” someone else joked, referring to the Houston Texas wide receiver.

‘Is there a minimum age for the NFL? If not, sign this guy NOW!!!!!!’ another person wrote, while another user said: “I love seeing this.” Hill got cooked!’

Hill being embarrassed by aspiring NFL players is nothing new, as there is footage of the receiver being burned by camp attendees in previous years while operating as a defensive back.

The five-time All Pro was quick to make light of the latest of his coverage tribulations last month, joking on social media that an instance of him becoming a cook had been staged.

“*Paid actors*,” he wrote in a tweet with the caption, “The kid brought down Tyreek Hill.”

Earlier this month, Hill went viral for her reaction to trying a donut for the first time in her life.

He also questioned whether teammate Tua Tagovailoa chose Ozempic after the Dolphins quarterback showed up at Miami OTAs looking ultra-thin, compared to last season.

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