Typhoon Mangkhut: the death toll in the Philippines amounts to 25

<pre><pre>Typhoon Mangkhut: the death toll in the Philippines amounts to 25

The number of people killed by Typhoon Mangkhut while tearing a path of destruction through the Philippines has increased to 25, authorities said Sunday.

"While we are talking … there are 25 dead," Francis Tolentino, the main coordinator of the government disaster, told AFP, while reports from regions isolated by the typhoon began to emerge.

A government worker picks up pieces of a structure destroyed by the strong typhoon Mangkhut while sweeping the city of Tuguegarao in Cagayan province.


Typhoon Mangkhut hit the northern Philippines with destructive winds and heavy rains that caused landslides and destroyed houses.

The fiercest typhoon to hit the disaster-prone Philippines this year crashed to the ground before dawn on Saturday in Cagayan province on the northeastern tip of Luzon Island.

China and the Philippines agreed to postpone the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, which would begin on Sunday due to the onslaught, which caused the cancellation of about 150 flights, a third of them international. and stopped the trip by sea.

As the storm moves toward the south coast of China on Sunday, Cathay Pacific warned travelers that they expected more than 400 flight cancellations in the next three days.

The presidential adviser Francis Tolentino said that the 12 died mainly in landslides and in houses that were hit by the strong winds and the rain of the storm.

Among those killed was a baby and a two-year-old boy who died with their parents after the couple refused to evacuate their high-risk community immediately in a mountain town in Nueva Vizcaya province, Tolentino said.

He said that at least two other people were missing and the number of victims could rise to at least 16 once other victim reports were verified.

People in Hong Kong have started to buy panic.

People in Hong Kong have started to buy panic.


Mayor Mauricio Domogan said at least three people were killed and six others disappeared in the mountainous city of Baguio after strong winds and rains destroyed several houses and caused landslides, which also blocked roads to the famous holiday destination.

Authorities were verifying the drowning of three people, including two children who reportedly died as the typhoon approached.

According to reports, some 70 men returned to their coastal village in Cagayan to control their homes as the typhoon approached Friday, but Tolentino said he had not received any reports from the men in an accident.

Sustained winds from Mangkhut weakened at 170 km / h, with gusts of up to 255 km / h, after they cut northwest through Luzon before flying into the South China Sea, targeting Hong Kong and other parts of the country. South of China.

Around 87,000 people were evacuated from high-risk areas of the Philippines.

Tolentino and other officers advised them not to return home until the danger had passed.

Many shops and houses were damaged, but most of the residents stayed indoors because occasional bursts of small pieces of tin and other debris flew dangerously.

The terminal of the Tuguegarao airport was badly damaged, the roof and the glass windows were shattered by the strong winds that also pushed chairs, tables and papers inside, said Lorenzana.

The lifeguards head to the lower areas of Manila under heavy rains and strong winds caused by Typhoon Mangkhut.

The lifeguards head to the lower areas of Manila under heavy rains and strong winds caused by Typhoon Mangkhut.


The Hong Kong government said Mangkhut will represent "a serious threat to the region," and that many residents of the city and neighboring Macao will be supplied with food and supplies.

The volunteers also helped the residents of the fishing village of Hong Kong, Tai O, to elevate their furniture and appliances to higher ground.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen told the citizens to be ready while the powerful waves hit the coast.

"The typhoon is powerful and even (if) is not expected to land in Taiwan, we must be well prepared and not … take it lightly," he wrote on Facebook.