Types of Shoes You must own being a man

You need to own a collection of shoes that keep you in style, comfort and trend always. No matter what type of occasion, day or event it may be; a right pair of shoes is going to be a big plus for you. You would not just feel confident about your experience and style; but also feel uplifted.

You must check out the vibrant and contenting collection of men shoes online in india and you are going to be blown for sure.  You can have a collection of shoes that keep you ready to go in all seasons and times. There are different kinds of shoes and once you dig deeper in this arena, you are going to be amazed by the options. There are a few types of men that every man must have, and these are like:

Running or athletes’ shoes

There could be nothing better than a sleek pair of athletic shoes. Not just can they function as your gym shoes, but these can be worn with your casual attire, as well. You are going to feel comfortable and easy with these shoes. You can be as crazy as you want with the colour options. But again, if you ask the majority, it would be great if you pick white black combination or white grey combination of shoes. In this way, these coloured shoes are going to complement any coloured attire or dress.

Sneakers shoes 

One must go for sneakers because they are classy, clean and look great with a lot of your casual, even up to a little dressier, outfits. You just need to go for a nice fitted blazer and some dark wash jeans with these and these are going to look amazing. You can even try them out with any type of outfit you like. They add up to your personality and look good. The best thing is to go for a white sneaker because it looks smart and sex!

Brown leather boots 

Well, these are utilitarian in that one can easily wear them in a lot of adverse weather conditions as well as in extremely elevated casual outfits. People mostly prefer brown because boots are mostly more geared toward the cooler months, and brown is a wonderful fall- winter colour and it blends amazingly well with the dark wash jeans and even that of wool trousers you should already own. But that does not mean these boots are good for winters only; they are amazing for any time of the year.

Party shoes 

Then you can find attractive range of party shoes too that are going to complement your presence for sure. You can find diverse designs, textures, patterns and combinations in them. The more you would explore, the better you would get to know about the options.


So, when you buy shoes for men, make sure that you know what exactly you should look for. Being a man, you should tick mark the types of shoes your wardrobe must own.