TX mom infected with STD after janitor at her works ‘stuck his penis in her water bottle’

A Texas mom has been infected with an STD after a janitor reportedly put his penis in her water bottle and peed in it.

The Houston mother of two, who did not want to be identified, discovered the horrific events after installing spa cameras in her office.

The janitor, Lucio Diaz, 50, is said to have put his penis in her water bottle about “halfway through” before “tilting the bottle backwards and basically rinsing his penis in my water,” the woman, 54, said. ABC 13.

“This person is a sick man,” she said.

Eleven others have come forward, according to KHO 11and they are all tested for STDs.

The woman told ABC13, “I want this to go to trial. I want him exposed for who he is, and I want him to pay for what he did to me and then be evicted.”

Diaz is currently in Immigration and Customs custody while his immigration status is being checked and he has been charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Both charges relate to the same victim.

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Lucio Diaz, 50, was arrested and charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after inserting his penis into an employee’s water bottle and urinating in it

The employee, who declined to be named, installed security cameras in her office and caught him inserting his penis pad into her water bottle and then tipping it back to rinse his genitals in the water.

The woman – who works in a doctor’s office – began to become suspicious in August after the office water dispenser was found to be contaminated and produced a foul odor.

She said she started bringing in her own water afterward, but would leave it on her desk if she didn’t have it.

A few days after the smelly water dispenser, she noticed that her leftover water bottle smelled just as bad, so she threw it away.

In September, a colleague offered to make her coffee and when she told her to use the water from her bottle, her colleague asked why the contents were yellow.

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She said she immediately felt “disgust” when she smelled it, and told… KHO 11: ‘I brought it to my face, smelled it and it smelled like urine.’

Another employee told her that the same thing had happened to her and the doctor suspected it was from the warden.

In late September, she had spy cameras installed in her office to confirm her suspicions. Surveillance video showed the janitor in the act, and a urinalysis at her office confirmed her worst fears, according to court records, viewed by ABC 13.

The employee (pictured) also accused him of peeing in her water and tarnishing the office water dispenser in separate incidents in August and September. She was also diagnosed with an incurable STD, which matched Diaz .’s results

“I was very, very scared and thought, ‘What if he has a disease?'”

After undergoing an STD test, the mother of two got even more bad news.

“I was told I contracted an STD for which he also tested positive,” she told ABC 13. “He gave me an STD that I will have for the rest of my life. Nothing will change it. Nothing will make it better for me. In fact, I feel like I’ll have to babysit for the rest of my life.’

The alleged victim claimed that Diaz continued to work in the building even after management was notified.

After the urinalysis, the victim handed over two water bottles to the police. After confronting Diaz, he confessed to police that he had done it with “malicious intent” and that it was an “illness.”

Both worked in a doctor’s office in Houston (pictured). When police confronted the janitor, he confessed, saying it was an “illness” and that he had done something similar at his old job. He also claimed he didn’t know he had an STD

He also confessed to having done something similar at his previous job and was unaware that he had an STD.

Her attorney Kim Spurlock has filed a lawsuit against the building, telling ABC 14, “They have a duty to protect their tenants, and they have totally failed to take those responsibilities.”

The building’s owner, Altera Fund Advisors, responded with a statement from CEO Terry Quinn that said, “Our management company immediately worked with law enforcement on this matter as soon as we were notified of this potential issue by our tenant. They were advised by the police not to alert or approach the alleged perpetrator so that he could be arrested. He was arrested when he returned to the building.’


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