Two Coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings with their wedding vows


Two Coinbase employees have managed to find a heartwarming application for NFTs by including them in their wedding and exchanging the digital tokens as part of the ceremony.

Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky say that in addition to their traditional Jewish ceremony, the pair also sent digital tokens to each other as “virtual rings”. In a Twitter thread of the wedding, Rose said their virtual rings are now on the blockchain “for everyone to see as proof of our commitment to each other.”

Normally, a wedding photo with the couple at the altar using their phone would be, to say the least, a bit depressing. But with the context that they are basically exchanging rings, albeit in a non-traditional way, it makes it kind of cute. It also helps that you can actually see the exchange for yourself – of course, it’s on the blockchain

I know we talk a lot about NFTs here The edge, but honestly, the more I delved into the nerdy details of this, the cuter it got. For example, they called the sign Tabaat, the Hebrew word for “ring.” If you Tabaat token on Etherscan, it shows that two tokens have been minted, and that no more can be created. How romantic

There is also the animation that the couple has ordered to join the NFT, which in itself is a pretty decent representation of marriage.

The charm of this story isn’t really in the technicalities – most people probably wouldn’t find the blockchain that romantic. It’s that two nerdy people found something nerdy that they were both passionate about and turned it into an important moment in their relationship. That’s a pretty easy thing to love.