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Two Australians are rescued by a P&O cruise ship after their yacht has sunk off the coast of New Caledonia


Two Australians and a British man were rescued by a P&O cruise ship after their yacht sank in the Pacific Ocean.

The three sailors made an emergency call that was picked up Thursday morning by officials on the French territory of New Caledonia.

Officials asked Pacific Dawn cruise ship to depart and save the men, who were found in a life raft with their yacht under water.


The unharmed men were taken on board the ship that arrives in Brisbane on Saturday after a week-long cruise in the Pacific.

P&O said in a Facebook post: & # 39; We wanted you to know that this morning Pacific Dawn led the rescue of three seafarers adrift in a liferaft near New Caledonia after they left their affected yacht on water was sailing.

& # 39; Our wonderful Pacific Dawn team has followed the highest maritime traditions that help fellow sailors at risk.

& # 39; Maritime rescue authorities in Noumea asked Pacific Dawn to deviate to help the three seafarers after receiving their emergency call.

& # 39; All three are now safely aboard Pacific Dawn and are cared for by our dedicated team on board. & # 39;


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