<pre><pre>Twitter's new advertising campaign would like to remind you that Twitter used to be fun

Twitter has a new advertising campaign running in San Francisco and New York City, with tweets from the memes & # 39; I on Twitter & # 39 ;, in which users post two photos (of themselves or otherwise) or statements in which it emphasizes how different they behave on different social networks.


The campaign, as reported by Creative Bloq, tries to embrace the platform as a place where weird, funny, viral things happen. And they do – along with all the other nonsense that happens on Twitter at the same time, ranging from intimidation, racism, sexism, white nationalism and Twitter that are generally bad at maintaining its own anti-abuse policy.

But look at how funny these tweets are!

According to Creative Bloq, Twitter recently unveiled everyone, including its own CEO Jack Dorsey, and instead followed the 28 people included in this campaign. Twitter confirmed The edge that it has received permission from all users in the campaign, with 31 tweets at various New York metro and San Francisco Muni stations. The campaign is expected to last until August 9.

This type of user-based marketing tactic is increasingly being taken over by brands such as Seamless and Spotify, which turns customer behavior into commercials for how quirky or human the services can be. And it's true: Twitter can be a nice place to hang out and find crazy tweets to laugh at. But like all social media, and most things in life, everything is better in moderation (heh), and it's only fun as long as you leave before the negative tweets flood your feed.