Twitter will now hide harmful tweets from public figures – but not delete them

Today, Twitter is introducing a new announcement for tweets from public figures that violate community guidelines. If a figure like President Donald Trump were to tweet something that would violate Twitter's rules, the platform could notify users of the violation and reduce the reach of the tweet. In recent interviews, Twitter executives hinted that a change like this would come soon.


This notice only applies to tweets from accounts of political figures, verified users or accounts with more than 100,000 followers. If a tweet is flagged as offending platform rules, a team of people from across the company will decide whether it is a & # 39; public interest issue & # 39; is. If this is the case, a light gray box will be displayed before the tweet reports that it is in violation, but it will still be available to users who click through the box. In theory, this could save the tweet as part of the public register without being allowed to promote to a new audience via the Twitter platform.

"In the past, we allowed some tweets that violated our rules to stay on Twitter because they were in the public interest, but it was not clear when and how we made those findings," the Twitter security team wrote in a blog post. "Serving the public conversation includes the opportunity for everyone to talk about what is important to them; this can be particularly important when contacting government officials and political figures."

If a tweet receives this message, Twitter will show it less on the platform. It is no longer displayed in Safe Search, the Top Tweets timeline, live event pages, recommended push notifications, the notifications tab or the Discover page. The notification is not applied retroactively and will only be displayed in the tweets from today.

Trump in particular has criticized alleged violations of Twitter rules. He tweeted a photo in 2017 show themselves struggling with the CNN logo, which many saw as encouraging violence directed at the media. In January 2018, Twitter specifically addressed calls to ban Trump from the service. "Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial tweets would hide important information that people should be able to see and discuss," the company said in a blog post at the time.

It is unclear how often this new disclosure will be used and Twitter wrote in its blog today that it expects that this notification will rarely be applied.

"Because of their positions, these leaders have kept out influence and sometimes said things that could be considered controversial or that could lead to discussion and discussion," the blog today says. "A critical function of our service is to provide a place where people can respond publicly and publicly to their leaders and hold them accountable."


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