Twitter says new videos will be less pixelated

Twitter’s poor video quality has been a long-standing frustration for users on the platform, but on Friday, the company shared potentially promising news: videos uploaded to the service will now appear “less grainy for a better viewing experience,” Twitter said. in a tweet from his support account.

Twitter removed a pre-processing step in its video pipeline when you upload, company says The edge, which could mean that the fidelity of a video is closer to the original version. But beyond that, we don’t know much about what’s changing, and it’s unclear why the company is being so vague about what should be a change worth celebrating from the rooftops.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong has uploaded a video to put the alleged improvements to the test, and the resulting video appears to be less grainy than it otherwise would have been. (The sound on this video is a little loud, so you may want to turn the volume down before watching it.) However, it’s clearly not as clear as a high-quality video you might be watching on YouTube or Twitch. And this upgrade only applies to newly uploaded videos, so older videos won’t see the improvements.

That said, it’s promising to see Twitter making some effort to improve its video experience. And the upgrades could go beyond video quality, as Wong’s research earlier this week suggested that Twitter is also working on video playback speed options.