Twitter removes support for accurate geotagging because nobody uses it

Twitter stops adding an accurate geotag to your tweets because there is not enough demand for the function. In a chatter, the company's support account said it removed the feature "to simplify your Tweeting experience." However, you can still label the exact location of your photos, and TechCrunch notes that you can also add your location to tweets through the integration of the service with map services such as FourSquare and crap.


Then Twitter originally announced support for geotagging in 2009 it had great ambitions for the position. Instead of focusing on tweets from people you follow, Twitter thought people might be viewing tweets based on their location, so they can keep up with a local event such as a concert. In the end, however, it seems that people found it much more convenient to organize around hashtags and popular topics. In the meantime, retaining a function means that hardly anyone wants a privacy risk if people use it by accident.

Remember that Twitter is now old enough to disable useless features to make the service easier for people. Still, we still don't have an edit button in 2019, although we've been asking for it roughly forever. Perhaps this will free a few engineers to implement one. Fingers crossed.

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