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Twitter redesigns the way iOS users see conversation threads in an attempt to sort out a confused layout

Twitter redesigns conversation threading for users of its iOS app in an effort to organize the jumbled layout

  • Twitter redesigned its conversation format on its iOS app last week
  • Threading now indents answers and uses lines to delimit different messages
  • The design change follows several tweaks last year to improve the layout

Twitter has taken an important step in trying to resolve its nightmarish method of catching up on conversations.

In a change introduced last week to users of the iOS app from Twitter, the distinction between original tweets and answers is now more clearly defined with a combination of indentation and vertical and horizontal lines.

“We’ve given conversations a makeover on iOS. When people you follow are in conversation, you see their answers in a new way in your Home timeline, “the Twitter support team said in a tweet.

“This new layout makes it easier to see who responds to whom, so you can participate in relevant conversations.”

Response threads are only displayed if users are involved who, according to the platform, prevent flooding of timelines with strangers.

The new design now treats a tweet and the subsequent answers as a kind of tree or as The edge describes it ‘a thread of connected notes’ and is perhaps the biggest design change aimed at easier reading of conversations.

Last year, Twitter also introduced various design changes and functions designed to make the platform more seamless, including the ability to subscribe to tweets and follow responses.

The first of the two gives both mobile iOS and Android users the opportunity to better follow tweets that they find interesting.

After subscribing, they choose to receive notifications as more people respond to the tweet.

The tool can be activated by clicking on a call icon in the top right corner of a selected tweet.

From there, three options are available, including following the best answers from a tweet, following all answers, and turning off answer notifications completely.

Twitter has tried to clean up the layout in the past year. Replies and tweets are known to appear chaotic on users’ timelines

According to Twitter, the ‘best answers’ option includes only those of the author, everyone who responds and also people you follow.

Changes such as those described follow a fairly public view of the Twitter problem with conversation threading last year.

Those issues were publicly highlighted in a conversation between technology journalist Kara Swisher and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which took place as a series of tweets on the platform and resulted in a mess.

For users who were trying to follow the thread between Dorsey and Swisher at that time, dozens of tweets between the two turned out to be out of use, which became difficult to follow.