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Twitter now makes it easier to add new tweets to old threads

Twitter has adjusted its user interface to make it easier to add new tweets to old threads. (No, it is not a ‘edit tweet’ function.) While compiling a new tweet, you can view an overview of your previous tweets and threads in the composition window. Previously you had to go back and find the thread and add the new tweet at the end.

It appears that the ‘Continue with thread’ feature is now available to some users in the iOS app from Twitter, according to TechCrunch.

This works as follows: when compiling the new tweet, choose which older tweet you want to connect the new tweet with. Then click on the menu with three dots in the older tweet and choose the “continue thread” option. The new tweet now becomes part of the original thread.

It is the newest adaptation to the threading feature that Twitter introduced in 2017, which allows tweet storm compositions to be assembled all at once, rather than forcing users to respond, respond, or respond to tweets in chronological order to connect. Last month it updated its iOS app so that users can better see the responses of people they follow.

The edge has contacted Twitter to clarify if and when the new “continue thread” feature will be made available to all users, and we will update when we hear again.