<pre><pre>Twitter is investigating whether it should ban white supremacists

Twitter started investigating whether his belief that keeping white supremacists on his platform is a good idea is actually a good idea. According to motherboard, Twitter has begun investigating whether its platform is actually useful for de-radicalization, as part of an investigation into whether it should banish white supremacists from the site or allow them to stay and theoretically interact closely with others about their intolerant beliefs and recognize their mistakes.


"Is it the right approach to de-platform these individuals? Is the right approach to trying to make contact with these individuals? How should we think about this? What actually works?" Vijaya Gadde, legal head of Twitter, said in a conversation with motherboard.

To answer these questions, Twitter collaborates with academics to study how the platform is used and whether the de-radicalization theory actually holds. It's a wonderful question to investigate now, 13 years after the company was founded and after years of reports on how white supremacists have used social media to grow their audience. Twitter is also fond of saying it will fix things and then make extremely slow and minor changes, so this approach makes perfect sense in that light.

motherboard spoke to a number of researchers who seem perplexed by the passivity of Twitter and are skeptical about the late response. You can read the full details in their report.