<pre><pre>Twitter writes new rules if it can only enforce existing ones

Twitter seemed to have failed for a large number of users in the United States on Thursday. The company has confirmed the problem The edge, saying: "We are currently investigating issues people have access to Twitter. We will keep you informed of what is happening here. "The outage, which started around 2.40 PM ET, occurred as conservative activists gathered in the White House complain about their treatment by social media companies.


This month there have been a number of striking dropouts among social networks. Facebook and Instagram experienced a power outage on July 3 that affected large parts of the world. LinkedIn went down for a few hours on Wednesday. (Unfortunately, the service was restored later.)

President Donald Trump has tried to convince supporters of claims that Facebook and Twitter have artificially limited his ability to reach his audience. The claims have been repeated by other conservatives, due to a growing inconvenience with the size and influence of social networks. Despite their concerns, there is no evidence that social networks have discriminated against conservatives or any other group based on ideology.

Anyway, Twitter is now down. You are finally free. Take advantage of this time! Call a loved one! Look at Instagram!

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