Twitter drops its Covid-19 misleading information policy

Twitter has dropped its COVID-19 misinformation policy as part of new owner Elon Musk’s pro-free speech agenda for the platform. 

Some Twitter users saw a post on the company’s transparency page last night and noticed that the change was effective as of last night. It stated that Twitter had stopped enforcing COVID-19’s misinformation policy effective November 23, 2022. 

Twitter created the rules in 2020 to stop ‘harmful misinformation’ about vaccines and COVID. They were able label and censor tweets that contained misleading information. Twitter suspended over 11,000 accounts for violating their policy and removed 100,000 pieces of content. 

Musk vows to soon restore previously banned Twitter accounts, including some of the 11,000 which were removed under the coronavirus rules.

 Some Twitter users saw a post on the company’s website’s transparency page last night and noticed that the change was effective as of last night.

The Post Said: 'Effective November 23, 2022, Twitter Is No Longer Enforcing The Covid-19 Misinformation Policy'

The post stated that Twitter had stopped enforcing COVID-19’s misinformation policy effective November 23, 2022.

The reason for the changes has not been officially explained, but the billionaire is likely to be anti vaccine mandates. In the past, he supported a protest against them and wrote the ‘Canadian Truckers’ rule as a response to a demonstration. This is despite the fact that he claims that he and all his family are fully vaccinated.

He made the decision to end the coronavirus misleading data policy as America continues to see 305,000 new cases and 2600 deaths per week. CDC.

He has also made a huge number of other changes at Twitter to misinformation policies and procedures. 

A few days ago, it was announced that Twitter accounts suspended for violating the terms of a poll would be given an ‘amnesty.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who completed a $44 Billion takeover in October said that users’ accounts would be restored if they did not break any laws or spam other people using the social media site.

While It Has Not Formally Been Explained Why The Rules Have Changed, The Billionaire Appears To Be Anti Vaccine Mandates And In The Past Seemed To Back A Protest Against Them, Writing 'Canadian Truckers' Rule , In Response To A Demonstration. It Is Despite The Fact He Has Said He And His Family Are Fully Vaccinated

 The reason for the changes has not been officially explained, but the billionaire is anti vaccine mandates. In the past, he seemed to support a protest against them and wrote the ‘Canadian Truckers’ rule as a response to a demonstration. This is despite the fact that he claims that his family is fully vaccinated.

Online poll: “Should Twitter offer general amnesty for suspended accounts, provided they have not violated the law or engaged with egregious spam?”

Seventy-two percent of voters voted yes, and 27.6 percent voted no. The 24-hour poll saw 3,162,112 votes.

Musk stated on Thursday that the people had spoken. Next week will see the start of amnesty. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.’ Latin for “the voice of God is the voice that the people speak”

This declaration could lead to thousands of accounts being immediately reinstated. It is not known if the mass reactivation will take place or if there will still be a vetting procedure. 

Musk has already restored accounts for Donald Trump, KanyeWest, Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson. He could likely also restore other controversial Twitter accounts, including those of Wiley, Katie Hopkins, Steve Bannon and Wiley.

The Declaration Opens Up The Possibility That Thousands Of Suspended Accounts Will Be Immediately Reinstated. It Has Not Been Revealed If There Will Be A Vetting Process Before The Reactivation Or If There Will Be A Mass Reactivation. Pictured: Trump, Whose Twitter Account Musk Has Reinstated

This declaration could lead to thousands of accounts being immediately reinstated. It is not known if there will a vetting process prior to the reactivation, or if it will be a mass activation. Pictured: Trump, Musk’s Twitter account. 

Musk Has Already Restored Donald Trump, Kanye West, Andrew Tate, Pictured, Jordan Peterson And Marjorie Taylor Green'S Accounts. It Is Likely That He Could Also Reinstate Other Controversial Twitter Accounts Including Figures Such As Steve Bannon, Wiley And Katie Hopkins

Musk has already restored Donald Trump and Kanye West’s accounts. (pictured: Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Marjorie Taylor Green). It is possible that he will also reinstate other controversial Twitter account, such as Wiley, Katie Hopkins, and Steve Bannon.

Musk also fired Twitter employees responsible for combating misinformation earlier this month. The social media giant fired contractors who track hate speech and other harmful content.

Some contractors claimed they didn’t know they had been fired until they attempted to log in for work. 

As misinformation fears grow, it was disclosed last night that the White House is monitoring Musk’s account.

It comes after the WHO warned about the dangers from vaccine and health misinformation in April ahead of Musk’s takeover. Bloomberg reported.

Some Contractors Said They Had No Idea They Were Fired Until They Were Unable To Log Onto The Company'S Systems. Pictured: Twitter Headquarters In San Francisco

Some contractors claimed that they did not know they were fired until they could not log into the company’s systems. Photo taken at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco 

Musk claimed that Apple threatened to remove him from the app store in another incident involving his Twitter takeover. 

He Apple, along with several others, was also accused of preventing advertising on Twitter. Concerns are raised about Musk’s content moderation plan.

According to the world’s richest man, he wasn’t sure why Apple threatened to delete Twitter from its App Store.

He Directly tweet Apple CEO Tim Cook asking: “What’s the deal @tim_cook?”

Elsewhere, In Another Development In Musk'S Twitter Takeover, He Last Night Accused Apple Of Threatening To Remove The Social Media Giant From Its App Store

 Musk claimed that Apple threatened to remove him from his app store, another incident in Musk’s Twitter takeover

In the meantime, Musk purchased Twitter in October for $44 billion. The board of directors was disbanded and the top executives were firedHe assured advertisers and civil rights groups that Tesla would continue to combat hate.

That message was reiterated by Twitter’s then-head of content moderation, Yoel Roth, who tweeted that the November 4 layoffs only affected ‘15% of our Trust & Safety organization (as opposed to approximately 50% cuts company-wide), with our front-line moderation staff experiencing the least impact.’

Roth Since then, he has resigned from companyHe joined a group of high-ranking leaders who had been charged with protecting privacy, cybersecurity, and adhering to regulations.

Meanwhile, In The Early Days After Musk Bought Twitter For $44 Billion In Late October And Dismissed Its Board Of Directors And Top Executives , The Billionaire Tesla Ceo Sought To Assure Civil Rights Groups And Advertisers That The Platform Could Continue Tamping Down Hate. That Message Was Reiterated By Twitter'S Then-Head Of Content Moderation, Yoel Roth, Pictured, Who Has Since Left The Company

In the early days of Musk’s purchase of Twitter in October for $44 billion, and after it dismissed its top executives, the billionaire Tesla CEO tried to assure advertisers and civil rights groups that the platform would continue to reduce hate. Yoel Roth (pictured), Twitter’s former head of content moderation, reiterated this message. Roth has since left Twitter. 

Musk’s decision to drop the Covid-19 misinformation policy has materialized after he  came under fire previously for expressing controversial opinions on vaccines and coronavirus. He In 2020, he claimed that the virus fears were dumb and that children are essentially immune to it. He then called lockdowns fascist.

However, he retracted in 2021. He stated via Twitter that he supported vaccines in general and covid vaccinations specifically. He also said on Twitter that ‘rare’ allergic reactions could be ‘easily treated’. 

He wrote: ‘To be clear, I do support vaccines in general & covid vaccines specifically. Science is unambiguous.

“In rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur, but it is easy to treat with an EpiPen.

Musk'S Decision To Drop The Covid-19 Misinformation Policy Has Materialized After He Came Under Fire Previously For Expressing Controversial Opinions On Vaccines And Coronavirus. He Said In 2020 That Fears Of The Virus Were 'Dumb' And Falsely Claimed That Children Were 'Essentially Immune' Before Branding Lockdowns 'Fascist.' Pictured: Musk With His Family- Partner Grimes And Their Son

Musk’s decision on dropping the Covid-19 misinformation policies has been made after he had previously come under fire for controversial views regarding vaccines. He Musk stated in 2020 that fears of the disease were ‘dumb.’ He falsely claimed children were essentially immune to it before calling lockdowns a ‘fascist. Pictured: Musk and Grimes with their son. 

But He Backtracked In 2021, Saying On Twitter: 'I Do Support Vaccines In General And Covid Vaccines Specifically' And Said That 'Rare' Allergic Reactions Can Be 'Easily Addressed'

However, he retracted in 2021. He stated via Twitter: “I do support vaccines in all forms and covid vaccinations specifically” and added that it was possible to treat ‘rare’ allergic reactions ‘easily’.

He He had raised concerns about vaccine safety before he suggested that the second dosage could prove to be dangerous.  

Musk responded to a Facebook post about parents refusing the vaccine because of what they had seen on Facebook.

He It appeared that the second shot had triggered the so-called “Facebook brainwashing effect” as the social media user raised concerns about the ‘quite few negative reactions”.


April 2,Musk announces that 9.2 percent of Musk’s company is his. He will be the company’s largest single shareholder. 

April 14Musk offers to take Twitter private for $54.20 per share. This would value the company at $44billion 

April 25Twitter accepts Musk’s Offer

April 29,Musk buys $8billion of Tesla shares in order to finance deal 

May 13Musk claims that the Twitter deal has been put on hold while bot accounts are reviewed

May 26: Musk is sued by Twitter for stock manipulation during takeover 

July 8:  Musk says he’s backing out of the deal. Twitter sues Musk to force him to sign the deal.

October 4Musk proposes to proceed with the deal at its original price

October 17Proposed trial date for Delaware

October 26Musk visits Twitter headquarters with a sink. He updates his bio on Twitter to ‘Chief Twit.

October 27Musk’s takeover of Twitter for $44 billion is complete

October 28: Musk fires top Twitter employees, including CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal and top counsel Vijaya Gadde, the woman responsible for banning President Trump after the January 6 riots last year.

October 30Musk has instructed Twitter employees to create verified accounts as a Twitter exclusive feature. Blue, the platform’s paid subscription service

October 31: Musk confirms he is now the CEO of Twitter, and dissolves its board of directors

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