Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is diving on Facebook's new all-caps logo

Facebook & # 39; s new company logo is, in one word, boring, leading to numerous goofs on the internet that ridicule the non-inspiring font that seems boring and sinister at the same time. The newest opinion comes from Twitter director Jack Dorsey who has posted a tweet in which he mocks the non-inspiring design.


Dorsey's tweet seems to refer to two peculiarities of the logo: the "rebranding" of Facebook to a "FACEBOOK" in capital letters and the way Facebook will use the new text-only logo. According to the announcement, Facebook (the parent company) will add the new logo to the various services it owns, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, in the form of a "From FACEBOOK" tag at the bottom of various pages to remind users the collective monolith owns them.

Of course logos & # 39; s are not the only thing that Facebook and Twitter have been busy about lately. Dorsey implicitly accepted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his company last week with an announcement that Twitter will suspend all paid political advertisements on the social media site. It was a movement that many saw as a reaction to Facebook's controversial policy of allowing politicians to freely stay in political ads without checking facts.

Compared to that, mocking the new Facebook logo is not so serious, but it is a clear sign that the fight between the two giants of social media is still very much alive in 2019.