<pre><pre>Twitch temporarily suspends new makers from streaming after a troll attack

Twitch has disabled the ability for new accounts to stream live after an attack by trolls that flooded a portion of the site with pornography, illegal content and hateful images.


The movement comes when the Twitch team tries to deter bad actors from abusing the system and ignoring rules regarding copyrighted and illegal video. A statement from Twitch & # 39; s support team sent via Twitter specifies "the safety of our community is our top priority and we make every effort to restore all access as quickly as possible."

The streaming service artifact category was supported by trolls throughout the weekend, allegedly the first to flee to the section as a way to participate in a recent meme. artifact, a card game developed by Valve, was recently called the least popular game on Twitch. Twitch users, and the wider gaming community, have underestimated the malfunction of the game for months, both before and after Valve announced it was take the time to redesign the title at the end of March. But this weekend this changed with a flood of new streams using the low visibility of the category to stream content that violates Twitch's policies.

Twitch 's statement confirmed that they "know a number of accounts that focus on the artifact gamemap "during the weekend. Twitch & # 39; s team also recognized that trolls used the" category to share content that grossly violates our terms of service. "Most of the accounts that were" shared and viewed content automated ".

Part of the streaming content fell under general memphology, though motherboard reported that footage of the shooting in Christchurch – the terrorist attack in New Zealand that spread virally on social media and left more than 50 people dead in early March – was also uploaded. Twitch has previously spoken about people who abuse the streaming platform to broadcast illegal content, such as Game of Thrones episodes and pay-per-view UFC battles. Nevertheless, Twitch proves the occurrence of new users of streaming how seriously the company takes this.

Twitch did not say when new users can stream. The moderation team is currently working on deleting content. The edge has done his best to comment further.