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Twitch: Masked man ambushed streamer for hours, in the end the police had to intervene – WhatsNew2Day


Twitch streamer Jinnytty was stalked by this “ninja”.

The Korean Twitch streamer Jinnytty has set herself an ambitious goal: Within a month she wants to cross Taiwan completely on foot – from north to south, a total of over 600 kilometers.

For this undertaking, she has to cover around 20 kilometers every day. But on the third day of her wanderings, she is suddenly followed by a masked man.

Masked man follows streamer for more than 4 hours

What happened? During their so-called waddlethonsin which the streamer wants to cross the whole of Taiwan on foot, there was a scary incident on April 24, 2023.

While walking down a country road in summer temperatures, Jinny noticed a fully hooded person across the road who appeared to be following her. Since she wasn’t sure, she took a longer break to eat – and the person disappeared.

As the streamer continues her journey, Person is suddenly back and following her. Jinny is now sure that the man is after her:

The pursuer does nothing to her and consistently keeps a greater distance of 50 to 100 meters, but behaves increasingly strange. When the streamer tries to film him, he leaves the sidewalk and hides in the bushes:

Stalker ends up in a mental institution

In total, the hooded man followed the streamer for over four hours. The scare ended when a concerned bystander called the police – since Jinny was live the entire time, he was able to give authorities her exact location.

The police assured the streamerthat she was safe now, and informed her the next day that the man had been committed to a psychiatric hospital because he had failed when interrogated by the officers behave aggressively have. In Taiwan, the incident caused a stir and was even in the news picked up.

Incidentally, it’s not the first time Jinny has found herself in a potentially dangerous situation: back in 2019, she was stalked for months by an overzealous viewer. In 2020 she traveled through Germany and rode through Munich on an e-scooter.

But since she was handling her camera and cell phone, her ride was not only very, very shaky, she also missed a red light and was very lucky that no car was approaching. For this incident, she was banned from Twitch for seven days – for her reckless driving.

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