Twitch launches subscriber-only streams, but only for video makers who do not break its rules

Twitch gives its good streamers a chance to offer a new, VIP-like feature to their most loyal viewers with streams intended for subscribers only.


The new feature does exactly what the name suggests: any Twitch Affiliated or Partner maker can choose to broadcast exclusively for moderators, VIP & # 39; s and subscribers. This comes at no extra cost to the subscriber in addition to the minimum $ 5 monthly fee they pay to support the streamer. Fans who are not subscribed will be greeted with an example of a broadcast before being asked to subscribe to a channel.

Streamers must follow certain rules to earn the privilege of hosting only subscriber streams, according to Twitch's blog post announce the function. Video makers cannot have violations on their channel in the last 90 days. That means that a maker like Dr. Disrespect, which was suspended for two weeks after being broadcast in a public bathroom during E3 earlier this month, would stream another 90 days after its return without a new violation to use the new feature.

Twitch & # 39; s blog post also reiterated that although streams are exclusively hosted for subscribers, this does not mean that they are in no way private. Video makers still have to adhere to Twitch's community guidelines and terms of service, even if they only host a stream for subscribers.

Although the company is rolling this out as a new feature, Twitch streamers have already played with similar ideas on their channels. For example, subscribers for chat only have used by multiple streamers to try to encourage viewers to sign up for the $ 5 monthly subscription. Most Twitch streamers earn a 50 percent discount on each subscription, making it in their own interest to convince viewers to join their membership program. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, also made it Twitch Prime membership program a priority at the company. This type of resource can encourage people to sign up for a subscription and give another to their friend.

Streaming only for subscribers is especially useful for personalities who want to collaborate on a specific event and who earn subscribers during the process. Weekly game competitions such as Fortnite Friday and Minecraft Monday, hosted by Daniel Keemstar Keem and broadcast on both Twitch and YouTube, are just a few examples. These streams routinely bring in hundreds of thousands of viewers and the events can be an excellent opportunity for participants to host a stream for subscribers only.

The new feature is currently available in beta mode. There is no estimated date for when it will be launched to the wider Twitch community.


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