Twitch chats get more chaotic with animated emotes


Twitch is announcing some major updates to emotes on Friday, including that animated emotes will soon be available on the live streaming platform.

Emotes are a big part of the Twitch experience. They are all over Twitch chats, and Twitch partners and affiliates can offer subscribers custom emotes that can be used in chats on other channels. Every user on Twitch also has access to a set of global emotions em, such as the wide-mouthed Komodo dragon “PogChamp” that is often spammed in chats to express hype.

At the moment, however, all emotes are static, so animated emotes can give streamers new ways to make their chats even more lively (or chaotic, depending on the chat). Twitch partners can offer their subscribers as many as five animated emotes as perks. If streamers don’t want to create brand new emotes, they can also choose to apply one of six different animated effects to existing ones, such as shake, spin, or a rave-like multicolored effect.

Twitch plans to have partners offer animated emotes within a few weeks, and expects partners to be able to do so by the end of this year. And if you, as a viewer, don’t want to see animated emotes at all, you can turn them off.

Twitch streamers are also getting a new way to offer custom emotes to more people. Instead of making custom emotes available exclusively to paid subscribers, Twitch also lets streamers offer up to five custom emotes to followers. (Following a channel, unlike subscribing, is free.) Those emotes can be a nice perk to encourage viewers to hit that follow button, but unlike emotes you get as a subscriber, which you can use in any other chat on Twitch, a streamer’s follower emotes can only be used in that streamer’s chat.

Follower emotes will be available to select partners and affiliates in beta at the end of June, Twitch tells us The edge, and the company hopes to roll out emotes more broadly for followers later this year.

Twitch is also introducing a new way for streamers to better manage their emotes, even those that aren’t active, which Twitch calls the library. Twitch plans to roll out the library in a phased manner, with all partners and some affiliates getting it by the end of June, the company says. According to Twitch, all partners and all affiliates should have access within a few months.