Twitch chat gets responses with threads


Twitch users will be able to provide threaded replies in Twitch chat starting today, the popular streaming platform announced. Threaded replies can make it a lot easier to have side conversations within Twitch chats, which are sometimes chaotic cascades of text with no easy way to tell who is talking to another. Twitch calls the new feature Chat Answers.

To start a thread, hover over a post, click the arrow that appears and enter your post.

Twitch first launched thread replies in August 2020 as a 30-day experiment on 50 percent of the channels, so you may have seen something like this in your travels around the site at the time. In response to that experiment, Twitch is adding a few new features to the full release, such as the ability to customize how you want replies to appear in your chat window and keyboard shortcuts. While chaotic, Twitch chat is a great art of how streamers build communities on the site, so any improvement can lead to more lively connections.