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Twitch adds real-time statistics extension to League of Legends streamers

Twitch debuted a new extension for the League of Legends community this week, allowing viewers to follow streamers by displaying details about their overall performance in competitions and how they use their favorite champions. League of Legends is famous for viewing (and playing), and this tool can help make the gameplay clearer for new audiences.

Like a League of Legends pennant installs the tracker, it gives viewers an interactive panel with the scoreboard of the game, the in-game artifacts they equip for their champions and game play statistics such as how much the streamer, their teammates and members of the opponent have killed or helped during the game. In addition, the new extension also contains a competition history, so that viewers can see in which order the streamer has placed items during the competition.

The recording of a real-time statistics tracker is highly desired by fans of League of Legends. The free to play MOBA from Riot Games is one of the most viewed games on Twitch, with a simultaneous daily number of players estimated at 8 million. This new Twitch extension not only mainstreams the process of keeping up to date with League of Legends‘Streamers, but it can potentially offer indirect ways to help viewers become better at playing the game.