<pre><pre>Twilight & # 39; s Robert Pattinson is said to be the new Batman

Dusk heartthrob-turned-arthouse darling Robert Pattinson is Warner Bros. & # 39; next Batman.


Variety reported on Friday that Pattinson would play the vigilante in a planned standalone movie The batter, hammered by War for the planet of the apes and Clover field director Matt Reeves. An extra report from Deadline suggested that Pattinson was Reeves' preferred, but Warner Bros. executives were not fully sold. "The studio was torn between him and Nicholas Hoult," according to Deadline. Batman is a crucial franchise for Warner Bros., and the studio didn't want to jeopardize it. There is a chance that The batter according to him would be able to become a mini franchise Deadline, with the alleged contract set up to "record options on at least two more films".

Pattinson is best known for his work as the vampire Edward Cullen in the Dusk franchise, but he's been an indie sweetheart ever since. He has received rave reviews for his work in films such as those by David Cronenberg Cosmopolis, Claire Denis & # 39; High Lifeand the film of the 2017 brothers of Safdie Good time. Pattinson's decision to join The batter is surprising because the actor has previously said he is "careful" about entering into more franchises after working on Dusk. But The batter can be the perfect answer.

"The only reason I am careful with major franchise activities is that you cannot make them" R rated "," Pattinson said at the Berlin Film Festival in 2018.

Reeves described the film as a return to what Christopher Nolan did it with his Dark Knight trilogy. It is a different version than Ben Affleck & # 39; s look out for the character Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the interpretation of director Zack Snyder, who remains convinced that Batman is a murderer without reprimand.

The batter is currently planned for the theatrical release in 2021.