TWENTY-FIVE elementary school students suffered ‘food poisoning’ after field trip

Twenty-five elementary school students experienced food poisoning and began vomiting after a field trip to an Arizona bowling alley.

  • First responders were called to Zuni Hills Elementary school in Peoria after 25 students began vomiting and fell ill after a field trip. 
  • Officials stated that the students ate at Uptown Alley, Surprise, before the school called 9-1-1 when several students complained of feeling sick. 
  • Although medical professionals believe that food poisoning is the culprit, the exact cause of the problem has yet to be determined. 
  • Uptown Alley is home to the Red Embers Bar & Grill restaurant, said it was working with officials investigating the incident 

Twenty-five elementary school students in Arizona began vomiting and falling ill after eating at the local bowling alley on Tuesday. 

Officials from Zuni Hills Elementary School said that 25 sixth-graders were sick after returning to Peoria from a trip at Uptown Alley, which is a nearby bowling alley. Arizona Central reports. 

Peoria Unified Schools District stated that while it’s not clear what caused the students vomiting, medical professionals believe that food poisoning was the culprit. 

The school was flooded by dozens of first responders and firefighters. They closed off areas and treated sick students. 

Although no students were in critical condition, one student was admitted to the hospital by the parents. 

After 25 students became sick after a field trip, Zuni Hills Elementary School was called by first responders. 

Officials Said The Students Ate At Uptown Alley (Above) In Surprise, Arizona, Before Falling Ill

Officials claim that the students ate at Uptown Alley in Surprise, Arizona, before they fell ill.

Several Firefighters And First Responders Arrived At The Scene To Help Treat Students. The Sixth Graders Were All Reported To Be Well, With Only Taken To The Hospital At The Parents' Request

Many firefighters and first responders responded quickly to the call to treat the students. All sixth graders were reported to be healthy, with parents only having to take them to the hospital.

Zuni Hills administrators received reports from Zuni Hills that multiple sixth-graders were vomiting after eating at Uptown Alley. Uptown Alley is where 96 students went to field trips. 

“To help triage students who reported feeling sick the school called 911. Numerous fire trucks and medical personnel responded to the scene. 

Stephen Brindley, of Peoria, said on social media that his daughter was on the field trip and told him the students ate pizza at the bowling alley. 

Uptown Alley manager said that the business is fully cooperating to the school and local authorities investigating this incident. 

Uptown Alley offers bowling and also has arcades, laser tag, and theatrics. Red Embers Bar & Grill restaurant.   

Peoria firefighters reported that all students were safe to be dismissed together with their peers by medical personnel. requested additional information about the incident but was not immediately contacted by the fire department.  

Of The 96 Students Who Went On The Field Trip, A Total Of 25 Reported Feeling Sick

25 out of the 96 students that went on the fieldtrip reported feeling sick.

Uptown Alley, Which Features The Red Embers Bar &Amp; Grill Restaurant, Said It Was Working With Officials Investigating The Incident

Uptown Alley is home to the Red Embers Bar & Grill restaurant, said it was working with officials investigating the incident 

The Location Is Home To Bowling Alleys, Laser Tag Space And An Arcade

This location is home to a laser tag area, a arcade, and bowling alleys. 

The scene of first responders crowded the school is reminiscent to a case last Wednesday in which fire trucks and ambulances converged on a Los Angeles middle-school after ten students had taken a cannabis overdose. 

First responders received a report about possible overdoses at Van Nuys Intermediate School on Thursday. At most seven students were taken by ambulance to a hospital. 

Erick Scott, the department’s Public Information Officer, stated that the overdoses were likely to have been caused by edible cannabis products. 

The affected students were between the ages 13 and 14. They had only experienced mild symptoms. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ingesting excessive cannabis-based edibles can cause serious injury and poisoning, and this is different from smoking marihuana. 

Ten Students Have Been Treated For Possible Overdoses During A 'Medical Emergency' At The Van Nuys Middle School In Los Angeles

Ten students were treated for possible overdoses at the Van Nuys Middle School Los Angeles during a “medical emergency”.

The La Fire Department Said It Got A Call About Multiple Students With Medical Complaints, Which Stemmed From Cannabis-Based Edibles

 The LA Fire Department said it got a call about multiple students with medical complaints, which stemmed from cannabis-based edibles

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