Twelve South PowerPic saves a wireless charger in a wooden picture frame

Wireless chargers are super convenient. Sure they might not be as fast as a wired option, but it's not easier than just dropping the phone on a pad for charging. While chargers can be useful, they are kind of ugly: even the nicest pads kind of look as if you accidentally left a hockey puck on your table. This is where Twelve South PowerPic comes in. It hides a wireless charger inside a regular 5×7 image frame that allows you to put the cushion in plain sight.

Twelve South also recommends setting the wallpaper on your phone to match the printing, so even if you charge, you can still see the image, unobstructed. It's a better idea in theory than in practice since phones do not actually keep their screens lit during charging. And while you can set your monitor to remain manually, it's probably not a good idea if your phone has an OLED panel because you're burning. Consider purchasing a digital image frame instead.

There are a few other nice things about PowerPic on the hardware side: it supports up to 10W wireless charging, which will be enough to charge almost any phone quickly and the cable is a user-replaceable standard USB-C cord. But it does not come with a brick in the box, which is frustrating considering the price of $ 79.99.

I was a bit confused by the idea at the beginning, but it was a bit grown on me. PowerPic is not designed to really replace the charger on your desktop or your nightstand, which you use more often. Instead, it is supposed to replace it on your kitchen table or in your living room, which you use only occasionally.

It's a bit of a luxury kind of gadget to spend $ 80 on – a regular wireless charger will ultimately perform the same way – but if you're the kind of person who favors the design above anything else (and still shows physical images in your home ) It's a fun idea.