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Turtle Beach’s new Stealth Gen 2 has an updated design and USB-C charging

Turtle Beach is releasing new versions of its Stealth 600 and 700 gaming headsets, enhancing the 2017 models with a refined design that moves buttons to a more convenient location, while replacing micro USB charging with much-needed USB C throughout the range.

The peripheral maker is still splintering headsets by gaming platform, with a Stealth 600 and 700 for Xbox owners and options made specifically for PlayStation gamers. Really, the main differences are what they have been for a while: color and connection type. For the Stealth 600, you can get a headset that matches the color scheme of both consoles (or just in white if you don’t feel like showing your loyalty). And while the PlayStation version relies on a wireless USB receiver, the headsets made for Xbox headsets can be connected directly to the console or to a PC if you have a wireless Xbox adapter attached.

Turtle Beach says its new headsets will work with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to current consoles. In the case of the Stealth 600 and 700 Gen 2 made for PlayStation, the wireless USB adapter allows it to work with Nintendo Switch when the console is docked. To avoid confusion, the previous version of Turtle Beach headsets work exactly the same with the new technology. You just don’t have the handy USB-C charging and other customizations it entails.

The reconfigured button layout, as seen on the PlayStation version of the Stealth 600 Gen 2.
Turtle beach

Speaking of which, the biggest change affecting how you use these headsets has to do with the controls. The offering is the same (except for the USB-C port), but it’s all moved around the edge of the left earcup. Visually, the button layouts of the new headsets are an improvement over the previous iterations, with buttons sprinkled around the ear cup.

But if you’re using one of Turtle Beach’s older headsets, it may take some practice to learn the updated layout. The mic is still a fold-out affair that automatically mutes when tucked away, but it now blends nicely into the design of the earcup when turned off, effectively hiding it from view. Also as for the microphone, it still has the great monitoring effect when in use.

If your opinion of the older Stealth headsets was that they weren’t super comfortable, my limited time with the Stealth 600 Gen 2 tells me you probably won’t change your mind. The breathable mesh ear pads feel great and the audio quality is fantastic, but the frame is really pressing against my head. I admit my noggin may be bigger than most, so your results may vary. The Stealth 700 Gen 2 has a metal-reinforced headband, so it may also be more durable and forgiving to wear for extended periods.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 costs $ 50 more than the Stealth 600, but it has plush ear cushions, a metal-reinforced headband and the ability to connect via Bluetooth in addition to your console.
Turtle beach

The new Stealth 600 Gen 2 is priced at $ 99.99 and the PlayStation version will be released today, while the Xbox ready version will be released later on September 20. The Stealth 700 will be more expensive at $ 149.99 and will be released for both platforms on September 20. That price hike gives you an all-black design with soft, leathery ear cushions and the ability to connect to devices via Bluetooth in addition to your game source, so you can listen to more than just your in-game audio while you play. you play.