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Tucker on Twitter goes live (and rogue): Ex-Fox host debuts his new show on Elon Musk’s platform


Tucker goes FULL conspiracy theorist on Twitter: Ex-Fox host launches his new show and rants about the West’s unwavering support for Ukraine, wonders why the UFO whistleblower isn’t dominating the news and says that Americans live in ignorance

  • Tucker Carlson launched his Twitter show on Tuesday, which he says will replace his daily primetime show on Fox News
  • The 10-minute clip from ‘Tucker on Twitter’ sees the 54-year-old discuss Ukraine, UFOs and the ignorance of those who rely on cable news for their information
  • Carlson launched a veiled attack on his former employer, saying Americans were blind to the truth thanks to the media

Tucker Carlson kicked off his highly anticipated Twitter show, posting a 10-minute clip full of conspiracy theories, attacks on Ukraine and rants about how ignorant most Americans are.

“At this point, it’s possible that American citizens are the least informed people in the world,” he said.

“Diversity is our strength; trans women are women; Zelensky is Churchill: that is obviously true. Needs no explanation. And don’t ask questions.

Carlson began “Episode 1,” as he titled it, by discussing Ukraine and Tuesday morning’s attack on the dam.

“This morning it looks like someone blew up the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine,” he said.

Ukraine has said Russia committed a deliberate war crime by blowing up the Soviet-era dam, which powered a hydroelectric plant. The Kremlin blamed Ukraine, saying it was trying to distract from the launch of a major counteroffensive that Moscow says is faltering.

Carlson sided with Russia, as he often does – arguing that it was not in their interests to destroy the dam.

He said many people assumed it was President Vladimir Putin who ordered the dam destroyed, then added, “Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong, Mr and Mrs Cable News Consumer.”

Tucker Carlson launched his highly anticipated Twitter show on Tuesday

Carlson pointed out that the dam was on Russian territory, captured at the start of the war in the spring of 2022, so it would be as if “Putin had attacked himself”.

However, the damage concerns Ukrainian lands and 1,300 people have been evacuated: 80 settlements are threatened with flooding.

Carlson continued, full of sarcasm, “We can say with certainty that Zelensky was not involved. He couldn’t be. Zelensky is too decent for terrorism.

Carlson said Zelensky was “sweaty and rat-like; a comedian turned oligarch”.

He then mockingly noted that George W. Bush compared Zelensky to Winston Churchill.

“Of all the people in the world, our sneaky, dead-eyed Ukrainian friend in a tracksuit is particularly incapable of blowing the dam,” Carlson said.

“He is literally a living saint: a man in whom there is no sin.

Carlson bullied Lindsey Graham for her support for Ukraine and her visit to Zelensky: he said Graham relished the prospect of Russian deaths, likening her to a starving man smelling food.

He also attacked Nikki Haley for her support of Zelensky’s war, saying she could not explain why the United States should support Ukraine.

Carlson said Americans were served ‘pap da

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