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Tucker Carlson’s Bio Reveals Trump Was Eyeing ‘Beer Girls’ In Bedminster In That Viral Photo With Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘You Can’t Do Legs Like That!’


Tucker Carlson recalled that former President Donald Trump was watching the ‘beer girls’ at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course in that viral photo alongside Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

His biographer Chadwick Moore asked Carlson about that image for the next book, Fatiguewhich will be released on August 1.

The trio were captured watching the LIV Golf Bedminster invitation last July, with Carlson clearly laughing at something the former president had said.

“I was talking about the beer girls,” Carlson recalled. “You look at those beer girls? Can you believe they have legs like that? You can’t make legs like that, that’s genetics! The human genome explains it,” the former Fox News host quoted Trump as saying.

Carlson thought the comment was hilarious.

Chadwick Moore’s upcoming biography, Tucker, finds out what Tucker Carlson (center) was laughing at. Carlson said that former President Donald Trump (right) was talking about the ‘legs’ of the ‘beer girls,’ along with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (left)

‘That’s what he was saying, and I love that. You’re telling me something that amuses me a lot. Because it is rooted in truth and it is unexpected. I’m the perfect audience for that,’ Carlson said.

The television presenter who now presents a program on Twitter pointed out that it was his first time in a golf tournament: he does not practice this sport because “I am left-handed and I have no coordination.”

The book, simply titled Tucker, is written by journalist Chadwick Moore, who spent 1,000 hours interviewing Carlson at his homes in Maine and Florida.

The book, simply titled Tucker, is written by journalist Chadwick Moore, who spent 1,000 hours interviewing Carlson at his homes in Maine and Florida.

“But, as I say, Trump feels a moral obligation to entertain the people of his world. He is the patriarch and everyone in his orbit should be entertained by him,” Carlson continued. “And I agree that it’s absolutely an obligation to the boss, and people who aren’t up to it are falling down on the job.”

Text messages from Dominion Voting Systems’ lawsuit against Fox News Channel revealed some not-so-flattering comments about Trump from Carlson.

In a typed message a day after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Carlson called Trump a “demonic force” and a “destroyer.”

Moore suggested that Carlson’s complaints should not have come as a surprise to “astute Tucker observers,” because the Fox host “seemed to like Trumpism while keeping Trump at arm’s length.”

‘Do I like Trump? I love Trump,’ Carlson told Moore at one of his meetings after the text messages were revealed. “But there are so many levels to Trump. He was a completely ineffective president. He couldn’t run my house. He’s not a coach, and that’s very frustrating to see.”

Carlson partly blamed the people Trump hired.

“So it was very frustrating to see, extremely frustrating, infuriating to see his stated agenda subverted by people who work for him. He was crazy. Like watching someone’s kids burn down his own house and he can’t do anything about it,” Carlson said.

“I really hated to see that and was mad about it,” he continued to Moore.

That said, Carlson described having dinner with Trump as “one of the great joys of the world.”

“If you had to put together a list of people to have dinner with, Trump would be at the top,” Carlson said. He is beyond belief. He is a television figure. He was the number one star on NBC.

‘So how do you get there? Being an incredibly funny, charming and dynamic person,” she continued. “Trump at that level is absolutely the best. So funny, so incredibly eccentric and monomanic in a hilarious way. Very nice, too.

Carlson said he always saw Trump as an “innkeeper,” a “maitre d'” and a “wonderful host.”

“Funny, outrageous, absolutely on its own planet,” Carlson described.

Turning more critical again, Carlson said that Trump was not a “political person.”

“I don’t think he understands politics very well,” Carlson said.

Carlson said he wouldn’t understand how to put together a presidential campaign, either, but he didn’t think Trump did either.

“He’s just a guy who wanted the prestige of being president, was frustrated with how things were going, and just decided he was going to wing it and see what happened. But I think Trump’s execution error was imagining that he is a political strategist, which he clearly is not at all,” Carlson said.

“He’s out of his depth on that,” added the former Fox host.

Carlson believed that Trump had the right attributes to be good at foreign policy.

He liked how the former president often said what he considered obvious.

‘He was the first to ask, what is the point of NATO? And everyone called him an idiot. But if we go to war with Russia, won’t they just go to China? And then you have the largest land mass along with the largest population,” said Carlson, who has been extremely critical of the Biden administration’s support of Ukraine.

“Trump has a genius that glosses over a lot of the details, and it doesn’t always serve him well,” he said. “You can’t run the Department of Justice like that, but you can inform people’s thinking in a really important way.”

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