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Tuchel criticizes Musiala: “Insane risk”


Jamal Musiala experienced an evening to forget when he lost in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup against SC Freiburg. Now coach Thomas Tuchel also reprimanded the youngster from FC Bayern.

Up to the 90th + 3 minute everything was open in the duel between FC Bayern and SC Freiburg. Then Jamal Musiala caused a hand penalty by deflecting a shot from Nicolas Höfler with his arm.

Lucas Höler safely converted to the final score of 2:1 and thus sealed the end of the Munich team.

For his handball, Tuchel criticized the unlucky Musiala after the game. “Nowadays you can’t jump in like that anymore. You just can’t do that,” said the coach on “Sky”.

With his action, Musiala took “an insane risk”. “We lost two header duels in the penalty area in the last minute. You have to put your body in there, be more stable, be tougher,” said Tuchel, also looking at the other Bayern players.

Zoff between Streich and Musiala

After the game, Musiala was visibly devastated – which Freiburg coach Christian Streich also felt. When the 57-year-old wanted to cheer up the Bayern professional after the game and give him a high five, Musiala turned away from Streich and gave the SC coach the cold shoulder.

An action that was probably not well received by Streich. The trainer threw a few more angry words at the youngster. What exactly Streich said is not clear, however.

FC Bayern “emotionally down to earth”

Thomas Müller also wants to do development work for Musiala. “I haven’t spoken to him yet,” he said after the bankruptcy and added: “Such an action can keep you busy. We will clearly be there for him as a team.”

But the Munich team doesn’t want to deal too much with the end of the cup. “On Saturday we had a real emotional hurray. Now we are emotionally down to earth or even a little lower,” said Müller.

But the full schedule does not give a break to think. “We have to manage that as a group. But none of us will be doing well today or tomorrow,” emphasized Müller.

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