TSB again participates in the cash Isa-fold with three new offers with a fixed interest rate

TSB again participates in the cash Isa-best buy fold with three new fixed deals that pay for part of the highest rates in the main street

  • TSB has more than 500 branches and has launched new tax-free deals
  • Including an 18-year fixed cash Isa with a rate of 1.6%
  • Signs that there has been a mini comeback Isa season this season

Another important main street name was bought back this year with the cash Isa-fold and offers reasonably competitive rates, suggesting that the Isa season made a mini comeback after a few lean years.

TSB, with more than 500 branches, has introduced three new fixed-income cash Isa offers for both new and existing customers, all of which are among the highest rates currently available with a major presence on major shopping streets.

His 18-month Isa interest rate is the second-best rate in the independent This is Money savings tables after Coventry Building Society, which pays 1.6 percent.

TSB - which employed 4.6 million customers when it split from Lloyds in 2013 and managed the fallout of an IT meltdown for most of last year - has started offering competitive money isas again

TSB – which employed 4.6 million customers when it split from Lloyds in 2013 and managed the fallout of an IT meltdown for most of last year – has started offering competitive money isas again

His two-year fix pays 1.7 percent and his three-year offer yields a return of 1.85 percent.

The offer of 1.85 percent means TSB nestles just within the top 10 in the independent This is Money cash Isa savings tables.

The 1.7 percent fixation of two years is not that competitive, but it is nevertheless important because the bank is the newest of several big names to start recruiting competitive cash Isas after years in the wilderness.

Santander was the first to go into the breach again, with an eIsa paying a highest rate of 1.5 percent and a two-year offer of a fixed interest rate of no less than 1.9 percent.

However, unless you are a 123 World of Select customer at the Spanish bank, the two-year fix from TSB is actually a better rate, because Santander only pays 1.3 percent.

The best bi-annual interest rate is offered by Charter Savings Bank, which pays 1.95 percent on deposits over £ 5,000.

The charter also offers the best three-year agreement, whereby 2.05 percent is paid with the same minimum required deposit.

Fellow high street stable black Nationwide also launched a few competitive cash Isas last week, which paid 1.4 and 1.3 percent on a few cash-only Isas.

The bonus percentage of 0.1 percent is open to existing customers in the Nationwide who have been there for more than 12 months, while the rate on both accounts drops to 0.5 percent if you do more than one withdrawal per year.

The re-appearance of the big names in the best buy cash Isa tables comes as data from the Bank of England that £ 1.1 billion was deposited in cash Isas in the first month of this year, more than 10 times the amount in the same currency was deposited product the year before.

Anna Bowes, co-founder of website Savings Champion, said: “Cash Isas is clearly increasing in popularity again, perhaps as a result of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit – which is driving people to switch from the stock markets for money.

& # 39; We all know that most savers prefer not to keep changing their savings, so simple accounts are popular because they hopefully reward savers for being loyal.

& # 39; Of course it is still important to choose wisely, because some providers are more generous than others.

& # 39; It is also important to keep an eye on the course to ensure that it does not simply fall and no longer becomes competitive – if that is the case, it is time to switch.

& # 39; This is particularly important for Isas money, as this must be the last simple access accounts, since the money must be replaced after withdrawal within the same tax year (if the flexible Isa facility is available) or the tax-free allowance will be for always be lost. & # 39;