Trump warns the Fed of interest rate hike: "Feel the market, ignore & # 39; meaningless figures & # 39;

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President TrumpDonald John Trump Let hope return to the Middle East by returning to the Iran Deal Government shutdowns tend to increase government spending & # 39; Full Frontal & # 39; gives house with six bedrooms to group working with detained immigrants MORE At the beginning of Tuesday, he called on the Federal Reserve to refrain from further interest rates, citing a detail specified by the Wall Street Journal as to why such a move would be detrimental.

"I hope the people at the Fed will read today's Wall Street Journal article before they make a mistake again – do not let the market become more illiquid than it already is. Stop the 50 B & # 39; s. market, do not just go through senseless figures – good luck! "he tweeted.

Trump referred to a magazine published on Tuesday entitled "Time for a Fed Break," which argued that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell "should ignore the politics inside and outside the Fed and follow the signals that make a sensible silence suggest in raising rates. "

Trump has torn the Fed the past few days to raise interest rates three times this year so far. It is reported that this will be done for the fourth time before the end of 2018.

"It is unbelievable that with a very strong dollar and virtually no inflation, the outside world around us blew up, Paris is burning and China far below, the Fed is even considering a new rate hike." Take the victory! ", The president twittered Monday.

While many Republicans approve the rate hikes by the Fed, Trump has openly urged the central bank to keep rates at a low, stimulating level despite strong employment in the US.

The president also said that low rates can help him negotiate with other countries in trade negotiations. The value of the US dollar has increased this year, partly as a result of the Fed's rate hikes, and a stronger dollar makes American exports relatively more expensive for foreign buyers. (function(d, s, id) {
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