Trump spoke with the teenage group for the presidential seal DOCTORED with Russian eagle and golf clubs

Trump spoke to the conservative group of teenagers for the DOCTORED presidential seal with golf clubs of American eagles and the motto with the text & # 39; 45 is a pop & # 39;

  • In the president's seal, an eagle holds 13 arrows in its claws and the motto & # 39; E pluribus unum & # 39; (& # 39; Our of many, one & # 39;) in his mouth
  • A version that appeared after President Trump on Tuesday replaced the golf clubs with arrows and used a two-headed eagle from the arms of Russia
  • The motto was replaced with & # 39; 45 es un titere & # 39; – Spanish for & # 39; 45 is a pop & # 39;
  • The image with the doctor was on a giant video screen behind the president as he entered the stage to speak with the conservative group Turning Point USA

Speaking on Tuesday at a convention of conservative teens in Donald Trump, he entered the stage for a video background with an acclaimed presidential seal – complete with a Russian emblem and a set of golf clubs.

Instead of & # 39; E pluribus unum & # 39 ;, the American motto that in Latin & # 39; out of many, one & # 39; means, the seemingly satirical version bore a new sentence: & # 39; 45 es un titere. & # 39; That's Spanish because & # 39; 45 is a doll. & # 39;

In the seal of the president of the United States, an eagle looks to the left and holds 13 arrows in the claws of its opposite foot. The version that appeared on Tuesday replaced the arrows with a set of golf clubs.

The bird had also changed: instead of the bald eagle, unchanged since 1960, he used a two-headed eagle from the Russian coat of arms.


Neither the White House nor Turning Point USA, the group that Trump organized for Tuesday's speech, has any idea how the modified seal ended up on photos alongside the leader of the free world.

A source at Turning Point said on Thursday that the organization is following & # 39; a statement & # 39; for what they consider a & # 39; shameful & # 39; situation for a group that sees the White House as an important ally on its way to the 2020 election season.

It seems that the image itself comes from an online store called & # 39; One Term Donnie, & # 39; who sells t-shirts and carrier bags with the artwork.

Attempts to reach the store's owner on Thursday have failed.

& # 39; It was a last minute A / V error – and I can't figure out where the failure was – but it was a last-minute surrender, and that was all, & # 39; told a spokesperson for Turning Point USA The Washington Post on Wednesday. & # 39; I can't find out who did it yet. & # 39;


He threw the blame toward an audio / visual team that included the staff and employees of the organization at the Washington hotel that organized the convention.

But he was quick to ignore the idea of ​​cheating and blame the sloppiness of adolescents instead.

& # 39; I think it was as simple as a rushed motion that raised an image, and it was the wrong one, & # 39; said the spokesman.


The reference of digital art to a & # 39; pop & # 39; is a return to a presidential discussion in 2016, where Hillary Clinton accused the future president of the & # 39; pop & # 39; from Vladimir Putin.

& # 39; No puppet! No pop! & # 39; Trump shot back. & # 39; You are the doll. & # 39;

The golf clubs were a Washington tweak with the president for his favorite weekend pastime. He has, according to an estimate, played 198 rounds since his inauguration.

And the Russian reference is a prick to Trump about the long-held belief that the Kremlin conspired with the president's campaigns to wave the 2016 elections to him.

The 448-page report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, presented to the Attorney General in March, concluded that there were no Americans conspiring with the Russians.


The right presidential seal hung on Trump's stage as he spoke, like every speech a president gives.

Hundreds of right-wing teenagers shouted & # 39; USA! UNITED STATES! UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! & # 39; as he entered the stage, clapped and beamed in front of the store image that was more Russian than American.

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