Trump praises Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson

Trump praises British pro-Brexit politicians Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson for his trip to the UK, but says he does not support anyone in the competition as prime minister of the country


President Donald Trump says he likes British pro-Brexiters Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, but he doesn't endorse the Prime Minister race.

& # 39; I mean, like them. They are friends of mine, but I have not thought about supporting them, "he said after being asked for an appointment.

Trump said it might not be appropriate for him to support a successor to Theresa May, suggesting that he would leave the country's politics during his trip to the UK next week.


He that Farage & # 39; s pro-Brexit party a & # 39; big win & # 39; has achieved and has picked up 32 percent of the votes.

Farage calls on the United Kingdom to leave the EU before 31 October with ours without a Brexit deal.

& # 39; I promise that if we do not leave the EU on October 31, I will lead the Brexit party to the next general election and remove parties that have dominated British politics for over 100 years, & # 39; said Farage in a pair on Thursday morning.

Trump is visiting London, Northern Ireland and France next week for D-Day events. He will meet May while he is there, but it is unclear whether they will ask questions during a side-by-side press conference.

He will also have a meeting with the royal family, except Megan Markle, who is still on maternity leave. She has not been seen in public since the arrival of her son, Archie, and it is not expected that she will join the royal family when Trump summons them.


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