Trump mispronounces the words & # 039; anonymous & # 039; during the New York Times spray

US President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Montana

US President Donald Trump struggled to pronounce the word anonymous during his condemnation of a New York Times column that has put the White House in chaos.

Speaking during a campaign rally in Montana, President Trump launched a tirade against a New York Times opinion piece written by a top Trump administration official with no name on it.

The opinion article described the president as "amoral" and made "imprudent decisions."

The New York Times said it will not reveal the author's identity because he or she is "a senior Trump administration official whose identity we know and whose work would jeopardize disclosure."

Trump said he will not settle for that answer.

"The last act of resistance (to my administration) is the opinion piece in the failed New York Times," he said.

He condemned the author as a "cowardly coward" for hiding his identity, but stumbled upon the anonymous word twice.

President Trump said he believed the author was a woman and suggested that New York Times journalists should investigate the individual.

The rally in Montana took place as part of a campaign before the midterm elections in November.

President Trump said the Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, has his support, as does Republican candidate Matt Rosendale.

Mr. Rosendale is challenging Democratic Senator Jon Tester.