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True Geordie hits back after UFC star Conor McGregor tirade


‘I’d take Conor McGregor like a shopping bag…he’s so small compared to me’: True Geordie hits back at UFC star’s tirade calling podcaster a ‘fat person’ and ‘estrogen head’

  • Conor McGregor released a recorded tirade voice note to True Geordie
  • The podcaster then hit back and even offered to fight the UFC star for charity
  • He said: ‘I would take Conor McGregor like a shopping bag with one arm’

Conor McGregor’s latest Twitter tirade – oddly targeted at podcaster True Geordie – has sparked a bullish response.

True Geordie, real name Brian Davis, was branded a ‘fat person’ among other insults by the Irishman after he accused him of drug addiction.

He posted a record-breaking voice note on Twitter, saying, “Mr. Estrogen, what’s going on?” Fat fucking bitches. Who the fuck are you?

‘You look like a little burned? Fuck me, man. Who scalded you with a kettle, you asshole? You fat person.

McGregor continued: ‘You little feminine p**** of a thing, I f***p****, yeah?

The True Geordie podcaster responded after Conor McGregor recorded a rant against him

‘Keep my name out of your mouth you stupid asshole, I’m sick of seeing your face burned, scalded, big head of estrogen.

“Oh my god, you don’t understand what I’m saying, do you, mate?

“You’ve got captions under the fucking thing that say exactly what I’m saying…so what the hell are you saying, you little nameless fat?”

And the podcaster responded by offering to fight McGregor for charity and pointing out their size difference.

He said on his podcast: ‘He [McGregor] is in no way ready to fight anyone, not even me.

“And the funniest thing is the way he talks about it in this video, the way he complained that Nate Diaz was ‘too big’ for him and ‘too strong’ for him at 170 pounds…”

‘Man, I’m 300lbs and built like a rugby player. I’m the size of the guys you and Floyd Mayweather hire to protect them when you walk around in public.

“I would take Conor McGregor as a shopping bag with one arm. He is so small compared to me.

McGregor, pictured in Monaco for the Grand Prix, called the podcaster a

McGregor, pictured in Monaco for the Grand Prix, called the podcaster a ‘fat person’

“And I know his fans are going to think he’s like Superman or whatever, but they have weight classes for a reason, bro.

“I’m more than twice the size of this man. If you want to do a charity fight, anything, MMA, boxing, I don’t really give any because I’m literally a giant compared to you.

McGregor has recently been embroiled in a number of online disputes. He has faced Matt Brown and Alexander Volkanovski and shows no signs of changing his combative personality.

He is expected to return to the octagon later this year for his scheduled fight with Michael Chandler, whom he trains The Ultimate Fighter against and predicts a devastating victory against.

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