Troy Stolz grilled over tax returns in case against ClubsNSW

Former ClubsNSW compliance auditor Troy Stolz has been questioned over years of tax filings, amid his court claim that he was wrongly deemed a contractor when employed by the clubs’ main body to carry out audits against terrorism and money laundering.

Stolz, who has terminal cancer, sued ClubsNSW in Federal Court in 2020 seeking $1.9 million in defamation damages and additional payments for breaches of the Fair Work Act.

Troy Stolz leaves Federal Court in Sydney this week.Credit:edwina pickles

It argues that ClubsNSW engaged in a “smear campaign” against him when he resigned in 2019, sending a memo to the club’s directors and CEOs that suggested he may have infringed the trademark by registering trade names similar to those registered by ClubsNSW.

Stolz argues that he was also maligned when his former manager made three phone calls to his new boss in October 2019 and denigrated his job performance. ClubsNSW claims defenses of truth, contextual truth and qualified privilege.

In court documents, Stolz argues that ClubsNSW contravened the Fair Work Act by forcing his new boss to fire him and by not granting him employee rights such as annual leave and public holidays.

On Tuesday, Stolz was questioned by ClubsNSW lawyer Michael Seck about his financial affairs between 2011 and 2017, when he was considered a contractor, and between 2017 and 2019, when he was a full-time employee.

Stolz said he believed he had been an employee of ClubsNSW since mid-2012, but did not ask what rights an employee would receive as he did not want to “make waves”.

“I believed he was an employee in the way work was assigned and the way the relationship was,” Stolz said.

He agreed that he provided services to 14 other clients during the time he worked for ClubsNSW, but said his focus was on ClubsNSW, which took up most of his time and involved “an enormous amount of work”.

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